Question about Transfer Portal from Championship Team

I am seeing quite a few Georgia players hit the transfer portal and I can understand it to a degree.

I can hear them saying… well I got my championship, now its time to see if I can get paid. So portal here I come, let the NIL bidding start.

Now I know championship rings and stuff of that nature generally takes several month to get done. So I got to wonder… If a player skips out via the portal before Rings are handed out does he just lose out or do they still get him one because he was part of the team when they won.

Just an idle thought for a Fri the 13th evening…

They absolutely get one.

good… I’d hate to think anyone would be cold enough to deny a championship ring to someone that was certainly part of the team just because they used the portal. Still with the way things seem to work these days I could see that happening.

Same as free agents that leave after the season in Pros.

Thus, CF is now the Pros!

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