Question about tickets?

How do I go about getting tickets early for the ole miss game in LR? Thx.

If all you are wanting is tickets for the Ole Miss game and no others, there really isn’t a way of being first to order to insure getting good seats. The season ticket holders get first dibs on keeping what they already have, with the the biggest donors getting the best seats. After they have renewed their existing seats, they get first priority on ordering any additional seats if they want any. The visiting team will get its allotment, then any extra tickets left over will be made to the general public. If you truly want “good” seats, and don’t want to join the Razorback Foundation or get season tickets for all games, I would say use one of the online ticket brokers, but they’re not going to have anything to sell until months from now, and you’ll be paying a premium for them. All college teams are this way, not like ordering concert tickets.

Thx for the info.

Arkansas typically begins to sell single-game tickets in early June. I bet there will be plenty of tickets remaining then.

Thx Matt!