Question about ticket prices

Back when physical tickets were used, the price was printed directly on the front. I knew exactly what to charge someone when selling tickets we didn’t use. Now, there is no amount on the digital ticket.

Also in the past, conference games and premier non-con games had a higher face value than regular non-con games.

I paid $400 for my lower level tickets to 6 games in Fayetteville. If split evenly, that would work out to $66.67 per game. When I go to the ticket center site and look for what is currently available for Rice, they have lower level tickets for $50. They also have upper level tickets to the Texas game for $75. If those held true for other years, that would get to $400…$50 each for two regular non-con games and $75 for three conference and one premier non-con.

Does anyone know if that is correct?

I’m glad you asked. I’ve been wondering the same thing.

Btw, I have one for sale for the Rice game. Good seat.

I would not be surprised if they’re charging more for Texas than for Rice. In fact I’ll almost guarantee it.

Single game tickets for Rice and Georgia Southern start at $20, which obviously are upstairs.

Single game tickets for Texas (upstairs only remaining) start at $75.

Single game tickets for Auburn, Moo U and Misery start at $25.

Yeah, but the University is able to charge more than face value. It’s based on an exemption in the state’s scalping laws (which I don’t agree with). They can use market-based pricing, so I’m sure the lower level Texas ticket would be more than $75 on their website if there were any available.

I’m just trying to figure out what I should be charging. I went with $50 for this game because that’s what other lower level seats are listed at.

If it’s your ticket to your event, you can charge whatever you want. You cannot scalp a ticket to your own event, by definition. If they want to charge $250 for nosebleeds to Texas, they can. Nobody would pay $250 for a nosebleed, but legally they can do it.

Charge what you think you paid. I would think that’s fair.

My source for season tickets gave me this breakdown for each game.
Rice and Ga So - $45 each
Texas - $70
Auburn MSSt and Mo - $80

That adds up to your $400 for the lower level seats.

Hope that helps. I think it is correct and makes sense. Conference games are highest.

Call the ticket office, they’ll know.

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