Question about the replay review on 1st drive

I thought once the ball was snapped, the official could no go backwards and review a play from the play before? Has that changed?

On the Drew Morgan catch at the 3 – clearly a catch – maybe he fumbled it after the catch and recovered it – but a catch nonetheless. (I live down here on the Texas border, and the Texas fans all said that was a terrible call by the officials.)

But the Hogs lined up and ran another play, a running play for no gain.

And then the refs go back to the play before and review the catch and reverse course and call it a non-catch?

Can someone please explain how that happens?

That Rule must have changed. And if so, how many plays can they go back and do that? What if the Hogs had run 2 or 3 plays and scored a TD? Could the refs have still gone back to the pass from the 22 and reversed course and several plays?

That is a good question. I thought the same thing, that once the next play happened (providing there were no intervening whistles) the review was dead.

Officials said they had blown whistle before subsequent play started, but I sure didn’t hear it live. I think it was a miss by the officiating crew (shocker, right?).

If you watch the replay, there’s not a sign or indication a whistle has been blown, they line right up and run another play with refs right there watching the ball snapped, etc.

Poor officiating. Did not matter here, but I hope someone who supervises this bunch has a talk with them about this — so it does not happen again and turn the outcome of the game.

In college, without challenges, the booth buzzes down that it wants to review. Apparently the buzzer was just before the snap on the next play. I didn’t like it either, but the review was correct. Not a catch

I re watched the play in question today and there was no whistle prior to the following play. No whistle during the play. So, I guess if the officials cant get their signals in before the next play, they can just nullify the play and go back? I think that is what Bielema was complaining about. Only explanation I can give is that it was Marc Curles crew.

Actually, I think it was a bad reversal. I think the tv reporter for officials agreed.

If his hand is under the ball the ball can move and it’s a catch. You couldn’t tell if his hand was under it.

Based on the way they typically require indisputable evidence it shouldn’t have been reversed.

I disagree about indisputable, the ball was moving. That indicated no control.