Question about the Razorback offense

With Dan Enos coming here again, which I really like, how will our offense change? What will it look like, and how will it affect KJ Jefferson and his running? How will the passing game change?

I think we’ll continue to do RPO stuff, which he did at Maryland with Tua’s little brother, only KJ is a better runner. I think we’ll use the tight end more than Briles did.

Somebody posted a video of Maryland’s offense against Michigan last season. They gained 397 yards against a pretty good D and lost 34-27.

This isn’t the video that was posted earlier but it’s highlights from that game.

I have only watched his offense in the videos of their Michigan and Ohio State games and those seemed to be running the RPO offense with a healthy mix of screens, power runs, tight end passing, crossing routes, and a really interesting QB option run with a shuffle pass to the inside option on top of the outside pitch and QB run. It just looked like a more complete and grown up version of what KJ has already been running. JMVVVVVVHO


Direct quotes from CSP tells one all that we can expect from Enos and the Razorback offense.

“Dan obviously knew coming here what we have at quarterback, and we’re going to use KJ’s abilities to the fullest along with Rocket [running back Raheim Sanders] and all the other guys,” Pittman said.

“I’m an offensive line coach for a reason. I like to run the ball and Dan fit in with that philosophy as well. The bottom line is we’ve just got to score more points than they do.”

Best get ready for it. The running game. Does Sam have the OL to play smash mouth?

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Our OL better be pushing those VWs up Cleveland Hill for that necessary strength gain.

The spring Red-White game has the potential for record attendance with the curiosity of the changing of the guard.

Tuschawg, I’m not optimistic our OL will be up to the task next year. Maybe with two or three good recruiting years.

Does anyone still think Briles called all those dive plays and QB sneaks inside the five yard line, or 4th and one on the fifty yard line?

We are getting more and more closer to the OL that Sam wants. We will have Braun and Harris both in the lineup next year probably and they’re both about 330, Crawford could be as well he’s about the same size.
We have some big guys on this team, if they can show the agility that you need to have to play in this league,we will start to be dominant like we want to be


I don’t see a 3 yd and could of dust type offense, but Sam wants to be able to run the ball. It kills me to not be able to get a yard running when and where you wish. I got to really watch the Eagles last Sunday. They were unstopable on those short yardage plays and the whole world knew it was coming. That Oline just moved the D out.

Enos has shown that he can and will pass the ball. I really like his crossing patterns and use of the tight ends. Those plays are much easier to do if the Lbs are having to play the run first. The Hogs have the RBs and QBs to run the ball. Do they have the line? That is the big question and always is with any offense or any offensive play. If they do not do their job, very little good is going to happen.

I look for a relatively balanced offense with the ability to make the big play from time to time. I think he wants to make the defense defend the whole field. Still, if it is 3rd and 3, you do not want the defense knowing you have to throw to make it. With a good running game, a fake to Rocket should leave a TE wide open for 4 yds. but you have to have the ability and prove it to make those 3 yds with Rocket.

Sam closed by saying the bottom line is that at the end of the day, you need more points than the other team. I don’t think he cares too much how he gets those points. I know I sure don’t. I also don’t care how many points we have as long as it is 1 more than them, be it 3-2 or 100-99. Both go in the W column and that is what matters.

Well thought out, and well said. We missed a 9-10 win season because of exactly this.

I think we will see a little bit different creativity inside the 5 yard line. I think we will be a little more unpredictable but we will see, we will have some bigger boys up front and we’ve been having.

I just don’t think you can let the defense know exactly where you’re going to run the ball down there especially if you’re going to try to run it straight up the middle.

I think you will see fewer deep shots which Briles feasted and famined on.

We got lots of yards in games where there were deep balls thrown and caught

Maybe i missed this, but with the backs and nice size OL we have, I would like to see the I- formation in short yardage situations with a fullback type body on the field or agile OL. I think Bama and Georgia has something like that.

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Jim, I hope it plays out just like you wrote it!

It’s weird to say that a team that rushed for 236 yards a game can’t run, but we had real problems with third and short and fourth and short. We were around 45% conversion on both situations. Although the year before, when we won 9 games, it was 37% on third down but 63% on fourth down. Unfortunately, the stats don’t break down how we did on third and 2 or less.

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Sam has stated on numerous accounts that he prefers the running game.
And that stands to reason coming from an offensive line co-ordinator most of his football life.
However, those dynamics are subject to change, however gradually now that he’s a H.C.
The bottom line is he wants to win.

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