Question about the quarterback play today?

I am surprised that Ben Hicks did not play today. Is Hicks just not liked by Lunney or did Barry just want to give Jack his chance? We saw Hicks against A+M and he looked pretty good. There is a reason Lindsey has not played his entire career until last week. He played hard and did his best. However,Hicks is better than Lindsey, in my view. I just don’t really understand why he didn’t get a shot against Missouri. He should have come in that 2nd half, at least.

There must be more to this deal than we know. Fire away.

Hicks played.

Sorry, I quit watching at the 5:00 minute mark. It was too late, then. It was over.

Who knows what the player coach relationships are looking at it from the outside.
I believe Lunney wanted to allow Jack the opportunity to start and play one game in his Razorback career. At this point, I didn’t have a problem with that. However, in a game that we may have had a chance to actually win they should have made a QB change at Halftime.
As for Jack not being SEC caliber QB, he’s probably not and neither is JSJ, Hicks or Starkel.
Jefferson May be ready for the SEC in a couple of seasons if he stays, plays, learns and matures.

At this point we have very few SEC ready players. QB we don’t have anyone to coach them up! Morris brought in 2 grad transfers and neither one worked out and the one QB that could have given the hogs a chance to win this season Beat the hogs at home. That sums up this miserable season.

I’ve seen all the Hicks train I want to see. No legs to run and no arm! At lest Lindsey can run.

Starkel, as bad as he has been at times, has won SEC games.

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Maybe so but he sure can throw the INT! Starkel is fun shy that first 4 or 5 int game!

I was hopeful that after the half, each of our other QBs could come in and run their set of plays that they are most familiar with–such as Jones running the RPO, escaping and throwing on the run. Or Starkel throwing downfield some. And Hicks doing what he does best. No way Missouri could have prepared for that wide variety of plays/QBs.

We sure needed mid-range and long range throws, and Lindsey didn’t seem that capable with those throws.

We need an O line and young player development and an HC and OC who could get the best out of what they had.

Anyone can win with five star seniors.

Whatcha got when you don’t?

Where were those Allen brothers when we needed them?

Exactly. The Allen brothers had the heart and grit to battle! Story has it too but he seen the writing on the wall and transferred.

I really love BLJ, but he did NOTHING to indicate
That he’s ready to be a HC. QB management or otherwise

Receivers have to catch it whoever is throwing it to them. Linemen have to block whoever is behind center.
The only SEC player I saw for AR is Boyd.

I think limmer burns and stromberg on offense will get there.

Missed Kam Curl he will be stud before all said and done

I thought our oline was fine tonight. As usual we jave terrible qb play and play calling. The few good play calls end with a wide receiver dropping passes. We are just a bad team from top to bottom.