Question about the purge

I believe I’m reading we have 29 scholarships to give new players.

Does the number increase if kids leave the program and we have a new slot?

I keep seeing where we assume several kids are moving on whether on their own or likely asked.

So if for example we have 29 new schollies to give, but 11 existing scholarship players move on, do we have 40 schollies to give?

Say 40 new faces in this example?


Good question.

If 25 this year and 4 that count back to unused scholarships last year is it for this class and more leave making some additional empty slots, can those scholarships be given to walk-ons, grey shirts, blue shirts, whatever? When there are slots below the 85 limit open, it is a big deal when they announce who, among the walk-ons, gets those slots. Do they have to wait until fall or next spring to fill the holes left by the departed?

Nope. I already asked this question a few weeks ago. Number is locked in, not by how many people leave now, but by how many people we signed for 2018, which is 21. We can count back four toward that number to get to 25, then sign our 25 for this year. If we have enough people leave; to sign 29, we have to get down to 56 remaining on scholarship. If we didn’t, we couldn’t sign 29, but it doesn’t appear that will be a problem.

But we cannot sign more than 29 regardless. However, as Dudley is fond of saying, the numbers tend to work themselves out.

Interesting. Thanks.

So in theory, if more kids leave than we otherwise would have new scholarships available, we could be below the 85 scholarship team limit next season?


Theoretically, but we could also give scholies to walk-ons to fill out the 85.

Less than 85 on 2019 roster sounds okay to me- especially if it means we can sign a full 85 in 2020.

Flip the roster baby!!!

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Just responded… you make good points! :slight_smile: