Question about the game

At one point we had a successful pass (a touchdown?) that was recalled due to an ineligible receiver downfield. It was our center crushing a linebacker maybe five yards from the LOS.

So my question is: what are linemen taught to do on a pass play when there’s no one in front of them and the LB he’s assigned retreats away from the LOS?

A lineman is expected to know where the line of scrimmage is and not cross it. That in my day was 3 yards wide.

No lineman is assigned a LB on a pass play. Your job is to keep the line of scrimmage clean for your guys.

I haven’t seen any replay, but at the time I thought maybe it was an RPO and he was run blocking?

Traditionally. when it is a pass play, the line does not even fire off the line so you couldn’t block the LB down the field, the line stays in place or retreats. I am not sure that is so true anymore. I would guess with RPO you would “run block” not a traditional “pass block.” If that is true, you are going to have to not go down field (as you noted).

I’m guessing the play was an RPO. Auburn under St. Gus was notorious for downfield linemen on RPO pass plays, and the more restrictive NFL limit (one yard downfield instead of three) is part of why the RPO never really caught on in the pros.

It was indeed RPO. In fact, the running back on the play that got the fake turned around when KJ ripped the ball away from him and went to the receiver at the last second.

Limmer is a guard. Thought the play had developed into a run.

Limmer pushed his man to the end zone… probably his best block all day.

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