Question about the 1994 title game

Hey guys, last week I asked Scotty Thurman for his favorite memory of Arkansas’ title run in '94 and he told me this probably wasn’t his favorite memory at the time, but he said the team was shorted its allotted time at shootaround and that being, in a way, another sign of the “disrespect” the players/staff felt going into the championship game. He said there was a mixup.

So I followed up that response with Nolan Richardson on Saturday, and he remembered it, too. Gave me some great quotes about it. So did Clint McDaniel. Clay and Bob Holt both remember something along those lines as well. Thing is, I’ve now talked to two players on that team and an assistant coach - not Mike - who don’t. Does that ring a bell for anyone?

I don’t recall reading anything about it at the time but I was following the tournament from Galveston, Texas, so I could have easily missed it.

it happened

Yes, it did happen. I was there watching the practice.

They tried to rush them out of there.

To the best of my memory, there was a disagreement over the allotted time, Duke showed up and the officials started catering to Coach K and the Blue Devils.

Coach K was trying to play mind games against the wrong coach.