Question about subscription

The HI board we were using up until today is a Scout board, right? When I go to my account information there it shows me having a subscription to HI. I have registered on the new whole hogs board powered by HI. Do I need to cancel my HI subscription on the old board? I don’t want to cancel it there and not get the magazine or be able to access premium content here.

We will honor your Scout subscription here for as long as you paid - monthly, twice yearly, yearly, etc. That includes the magazine. You will need to purchase a subscription here once that expires.

If you do not wish to purchase Scout separate from the magazine, you will need to cancel your subscription to that network.

Folks I have thoroughly enjoyed my membership with the old website but I can not continue my membership with our subscription doubling. I want each of you to know that I love each of you and this family as we have all stuck together. The website may now be better but the prices are not for many of us.

I will stick it out until my subscription ends in December but then I am gone.