Question about seeding?

It looks like we, the #1 of 16 top rated teams, got NJIT, the lowest rated of the bottom 16 team. At what point do they quit worrying about the ratings balance and just assign teams by region? Is Nebraska at the bottom of the second 16 or are they just the closest to us geographically in the second 16?

LaTech is the bottom of the top 16 and it looks like their #2 in their region may be the #17 rated team. Is their #3 the top rated in the third 16?

I don’t think NJIT is the worst No. 4 seed. There are two or three teams in the tournament that have losing records, including one team that is 16-32.

But to answer the question, the only teams that are seeded are the national seeds, 1 through 16, and the winners of those teams’ regionals are paired in the super regionals. There is no ranking for the No. 2, 3 or 4 seeds.

There is no seeding beyond the top 16 in baseball. They may do something like give the #16 seed the best 2 seed (which appears to be what they did in sending NC State to Ruston), but they’re not seeding 17-32.

I think the baseball committee has depended on RPI for so long that they had no idea what to do with this season when there were so few nonconference games that RPI was basically useless. I’m almost surprised they didn’t make Fairfield a 1 seed based solely on RPI,

Of the top 19 in RPI, 16 are hosting, a slightly different 16 are 1 seeds, and only Fairfield wasn’t a 2 seed. But Fairfield was obviously a very weird case. winning 92 percent of its games but in a very weak league with no NC play,

The committee chair made some comments Monday to the effect that “somebody has to play the #1 seed” which of course is us. So anyone assigned here is probably going to think they got screwed, which Nebraska clearly does (not so much with that, but with the fact that teams that finished behind them in the Big Ten got easier regionals).

I don’t think NJIT would be the 64th team if they seeded all the way down. Jacksonville won its conference tournament at 16-32. Southern U is also below .500 and has the worst RPI in the field, slightly worse than Norfolk State. I’d think NJIT (117 RPI) would be a 15 seed if they did it like the basketball tournament.

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