Question about scholarship limits and the transfer portal

Should we be concerned that we could end up well below 85 scholarship players if we lose too many through the transfer portal? Or, are we allowed to over sign the 25 per year limit? Forgive me if this has been answered earlier.

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We can’t sign more than 25 regardless of how many people transfer . And I’ve been told we don’t have any room to count people back to 2019 from the current class.

We can only sign 25 in a class, unless allowed to count back to a previous class. We can take guys in the transfer portal up to the 85 scholarship limit, so no, I wouldn’t be worried about being below the 85 number.

If nothing else we can put walk-ons on scholarship, especially preferred walk-ons.

Anyone from transfer portal are counted as Initial Counters. (25) The ideal way is to put seniors walk-ons on scholarship whos eligibility will expire after the academic year is over.

Will we be able to get 25 to sign in this class?

If we are unable to sign 25 freshmen, wouldn’t it be a better way to sign several grad transfers which will contribute more than senior walk-ons?

Grad transfers can be added until the incoming class gets to 25. After that, might as well give the scholie to senior walk-ons. You can’t save it and sign 27 next year, but if your class is less than 25 and you get up to 85 with walk-ons, you can sign people next year and count back up to 25.