Question about probable weekend starting pitching?

Matt, Clay and Marty who do you all see getting the ball?

Campbell will have every opportunity to be a Friday starter.

There are several pitchers who are being given a chance to start, either on the weekend or in the midweek. Those include Ramage, Kopps, Bolden and Kostyshock, who are probably the most likely because of their experience.

From what little that I’ve seen this “fall”, Campbell and Kostyshock have looked impressive. I’ve only seen a few practices and I’ve lost track of several pitchers who have played. I was going to try to score a couple of scrimmages, but I got my app all messed up. I think that I might just go back to paper for the scrimmages.

Well, we shall see what some of them look like this Saturday against Oklahoma. I will be there. Rain only 39 percent at this point.

Come say hello. I will be there, too.

Is the scrimmage with Oklahoma cancelled?

Yes. Arkansas is looking to schedule a replacement with another team.