Question about Morning Rush comment

I was listening to the podcast of the Morning Rush show os a few days ago. While they were talking about Houston Nutt, one of the guys threw in that Nolan Richardson had had Ron Crawford fired. Everybody there seemed to know about it as common knowledge.

I didn’t know anything at all about that. Never heard anything at all about it. It must have been a while back, so I guess it’s OK to talk about it. Does anybody know what they were talking about? What was RC doing back then? What made Nolan mad? How did he get him fired? Was the AAU stuff? Inquiring minds want to know. When I hear RC on the radio now, he seems to be an Anderson fan.

** crickets ** I wonder if nobody knows? The radio guys made it seem like common knowledge.

I believe that to be accurate, but it’s been so long ago I forget the details.

I’ll ask someone with a better memory.

Ron Crawford is a long time Razorback supporter (before, during and after Nolan).

Dudley will probably provide more specific information. However, I think Nolan blamed Crawford for Phillip Mckellar’s transfer from UA to ASU. McKellar was a former player for Crawford for the Wings.

Nolan never liked AAU coaches (probably for good reason in many cases). However, Ron Crawford is one of the good, honest ones. He has helped a lot of kids in the last 35-40 years.

As far as the firing, I have no clue. Ron Crawford is a successful businessman, and is his own boss.

Didn’t Ron do color commentary on the in-state telecasts for a while? That may have been what he was fired from.

The few times I’ve spoken with Ron, he’s been very courteous.

Whenever I hear him on a radio program, he has always been very supportive of Mike and the Razorbacks. That’s why I was looking for some context of what was said on the radio program. There was no discussion on the radio show because everyone seemed to know and agree on what happened.