Question about Matt Landers

Does he still have is covid year available or is he totally done?

I went to the hogs website to check knowing that on the basketball side of things they show remaining eligibility now. I figured they would do the same thing for football, but of they don’t.

So here I am asking. I think he is done, but saw someone on twitter say something about he still has a covid year left. I think they are wrong, but not sure. He would be a big keep if true and he comes back.

He’s played 5 seasons but the first one only four games and retained his redshirt so he’s used 4 years of eligibility. I believe he has his Covid year if he wants it.

If he has another year I hope he takes it, he’s really come on this year. WPS

You can figure it out by reading his bio from the roster page:
2018 – four games at Georgia, which did not burn his 'shirt
2019 – redshirt freshman
2020 – redshirt soph, caught two passes in RRS against us
2021 – moved to Toledo, redshirt junior
2022 – UA redshirt senior

BUT he has the COVID year, six years to play five. So he can come back. If he had burned his 'shirt in '18, he couldn’t return.

Hope he comes back…and that Ketron being in the portal might be a sign that he is…

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