Question about Maria Fassi.....

Does she actually hit the tee ball around 300 yards? That is huge for a woman. I looked at the LPGA trackman numbers…the ladies average carry with a driver on the tour is around 220 with a total length of 240 average. The ladies hit their 7 iron an average of 140.

For Maria to hit drives that far, she is going to have a huge advantage when she turns pro.

Clay or Matt, give us a summary of her game. We know she is a long hitter. What about her short game and iron play?
If she is a long driver with a soft putting touch…she will make a lot of money.

Maria easily hits it 300. She is 50 by the other college girls. She is REALLY long. She is not as long as Julian Perico, Mason Overstreet or Tyson Reeder on the men’s team but as long as any others. And she can beat most of them playing the same tees.

She hits everything in her bag with power, but she also has touch and feel around the green.

As you can guess, she toys with the par fives. She reached in two the 600-yard par five on Saturday.

The courses she will play on the LPGA are not as tough as the Blessings. What she did yesterday should translate into low scores as a pro.

She has a chance to win big on the women’s tour.

And she has the “it” factor, a huge personality. She does not get nervous. She liked it out there yesterday.

She is more talented than Stacy Lewis. Just more power and with a solid short game. Stacy is no longer a great putter. That’s what lifted her to No 1 in the world 3-4 years ago. She made everything in a 2-3 year run.

Maria may not be that kind of putter now, but she is still improving in that area. But she is a GREAT ball striker and also has a strong mental approach. Obviously she knows how to back off a little too.

Maria’s personality is as big as her game. She loved playing with a gallery yesterday and talked to them all the way around. Few can do that and remain in control of her game like she did yesterday.

Literally, she loves the spotlight and shines there.

Brad McMakin, the men’s coach, says Maria is the best girl golfer he’s ever seen. I feel the same way but I probably have not studied many up close.

I believe she will have a great career and win majors. There are great, consistent ball strikers on tour and many great putters. But she has what it takes to play with them.

I don’t measure her against the average drivers on the LPGA. There are 150 playing each week so average is in the 75 range. The longest do hit it 275 to 300. But she will be longer than most everyone.

thanks for the input as always!


Thanks, Clay. That was the information I was looking for.

I am amazed that she can hit it with the men, that is crazy long for a lady. What is also wild is that they had a 600 yard par 5 set up for the women. That is even crazier. Plus, she reached it. That is hard to fathom.

The ball and the equipment today is just insane. It is too long. The R&A and the USGA are going to have to get off their cans and do something. We all love the long ball, but it is getting ridiculous for the ball to go those type of distances. The golf courses of today, as we know, are becoming obsolete.

Arnold Palmer, at 5-10 185 pounds and one of the longest and strongest players of his day, could drive the golf ball around 260-270 yards in the 1960’s. Dan Pohl, the longest driver on the PGA tour in 1974 average about 275 yards.

Today, a little guy like Justin Thomas at 5-10 and 150-155 pounds can hit it around 330 yards when he hits a good ball. He is 50-60 yards longer than Arnold Palmer. Palmer was a physical specimen in his time…strong and athletic.

Elvis has left the building, the horse is out of the barn, so to speak…so we know the ruling bodies don’t have the guts to roll back the ball, but they could stop letting distances increase from today forward. 600 yard par 5’s for women? Where does this stop? Part of this distance increase is due to players being bigger, stronger and more fit, but most of it comes from technology. You give a 25 year old bull like Arnold Palmer today’s equipment and you know he would put it out there with Justin Thomas, Brooks Koepka, and the boys.

Some people might say, so what if the ball goes further? This is a major change in the game…it is not the same game as it was. The longer courses require more land, more expense in maintenance and, of course, more time to play a round of golf. Existing great golf courses are not having majors played on them because they can’t be lengthened and are too short for players.

Look at major league baseball. What if an average fly ball flew 25% further or a pitcher could throw 25% faster. 125 mph fastballs and routine fly balls going 440 feet instead of 350 feet? It would be a game changer or maybe even make MLB a joke of a game.

Jack Nicklaus, a thoughtful man and one of the greatest golfers to ever play the game, says the simple solution is to roll back the ball, where, for example, today’s 330 yard drive would go 300. An average tour player who hits it 300 would be rolled back to around 270 yards. This would allow the great golf courses to be played and cost and time to come down. But we all know this isn’t going to happen.

Rant over.

Fassi is incredibly strong, especially in her lower body. She generates a lot of speed in her swing and that equals great distance.

I am looking forward to watching her play on the LPGA tour. The LPGA tour is dominated by the Koreans, and the number of American stars are few. Maria could become a big star if she can perform like some folks believe she will and has the personality and charisma Clay talked about. It will be interesting to see who see chooses to be her agent.

Outside of the Men’s National Soccer team in Mexico she could soon be the biggest sporting figure in Mexico.

I bet there is a good chance she signs with Jeff Chilcoat and Jordan Millice of Sterling Sports Management. Those are the agents for Stacy Lewis and Gaby Lopez.

No kidding. Yesterday on Univision, they were talking about a possible medal for Mexico in Golf next year at the Tokyo Olympics,

That is the only bad thing. She won’t be competing for USA.

I looked at this yesterday because I thought she would wallop the field on the 5’s. She is good but she is the best by far on the 4’s. … &tid=17030

Dylan Kim is the best Hog on the 5’s at Blessings:

Par 4
M. Fassi Arkansas 3.85 -4
B. Pagdanganan Arizona 4.04 +1
S. Brooks Florida 4.04 +1
A. Garvey USC 4.04 +1
A. Hollandsworth VT 4.04 +1
D. DuToit Purdue 4.07 +2
A. Valenzuela Stanford 4.07 +2
K. Benton Arkansas 4.07 +2
B. Riley N’western 4.11 +3
K. Papp Texas 4.11 +3
G. Kim Duke 4.11 +3
H. Cooper Texas 4.11 +3
M. Nam USC 4.11 +3

Par 5
Player Team Avg. Sc.
K. Scavo Oregon 4.47 -8
H. Moore Arizona 4.53 -7
K. Telfer Auburn 4.67 -5
B. Lillie UVA 4.67 -5
N. Oon San Jose 4.67 -5
K. Sukaree Illinois 4.67 -5
A. Fanali Arizona St 4.73 -4
K. Swann Ole Miss 4.73 -4
A. Kim Vanderbilt 4.73 -4
B. Wallin FSU 4.73 -4
A. Krauter Stanford 4.73 -4
D. Kim Arkansas 4.73 -4
B. Pagdanganan Arizona 4.73 -4
J. Chang USC 4.73 -4
M. Liu Stanford 4.73 -4
M. Wang Duke 4.73 -4
J. Boonchant Duke 4.73 -4
A. Belac Duke 4.73 -4
J. Kupcho WFU 4.73 -4
A. Redding UVA 4.80 -3
B. Wu UCLA 4.80 -3
M. Finn Kent St 4.80 -3
M. Fassi Arkansas 4.80 -3
Player Team Avg. Sc.
M. Fassi Arkansas 3.85 -4
B. Pagdanganan Arizona 4.04 +1
S. Brooks Florida 4.04 +1
A. Garvey USC 4.04 +1
A. Hollandsworth VT 4.04 +1
D. DuToit Purdue 4.07 +2
A. Valenzuela Stanford 4.07 +2
K. Benton Arkansas 4.07 +2
B. Riley N’western 4.11 +3
K. Papp Texas 4.11 +3
G. Kim Duke 4.11 +3

and Maria across the board on 3’s

Par 3
Player Team Avg. Sc.
L. Yu Vanderbilt 2.75 -3
S. Brooks Florida 2.75 -3
J. Chang USC 2.75 -3
C. Wang Illinois 2.75 -3
L. Bagnoli WFU 2.83 -2
A. Laisne Texas 2.83 -2
A. Moresco Alabama 2.83 -2
B. Lillie UVA 2.92 -1
J. Boonchant Duke 2.92 -1
M. Farah Purdue 2.92 -1
M. Fassi Arkansas 2.92 -1
E. Esborn Florida 2.92 -1
E. Hoffman Texas 2.92 -1
A. Duan Wash 2.92 -1
H. Cooper Texas 2.92 -1
R. Sasaki Wash 2.92 -1
E. Moon UCF 2.92 -1
P. Thomsen FSU 3.00 E

Good grief Matt you are right…there is a ton of power in the lower half of her body. Her legs are ripped and can generate some serious drive through the golf ball!

Man I will miss watching her as a Hog but will continue to root for her on the tour knowing deep down she is whole heartedly an Arkansas Razorback at heart through and through!!! Good luck Maria…us Hog fans are super proud of you and for how you represented our program and school! God bless and here’s to hoping you have an amazing pro career.

Her club head speed was reported at 107 and that’s only a couple of MPH below the men’s average on the PGA. Can’t wait to see Maria start winning on the LPGA.

I’m not saying others don’t, but Arkansas’ program puts a lot of emphasis on core and lower-body strength. I thought it was interesting at the tournament this week that all of Arkansas’ golfers carried their bags the entire round. Most, if not all, of the other teams were pushing their bags on wheels.

Blessings par fives are mostly set up as position greens. Too much trouble around the greens. And they are doglegs. I bet Maria could not hit her driver on some.

There are several drivable par fours, or at least some she would chip to in most instances. And with so many trouble around the greens on several par fours, she had a great advantage with a wedge for second shot.