Question about line up?

How does Mike think we can beat anyone with Harris and Gabe on the floor for long stretches? Neither player is guarded, how can we expect to beat anyone playing 3 on 5. No wonder Isiah can’t get open or we can’t get the ball to Dan.

Harris brings a lot to the table, so does Gabe, but they both need to work on their shots. The open threes everyone complains about them taking, THEY HAVE TO TAKE AND HIT. Notice I said AND HIT. That’s the difference between us winning and losing about 8 games this year. If they could both become respectable from deep, it would change the entire complexion of this team.

As for why, if you start Desi, Jones, Joe, Chaney, and Gafford, what happens when Mike has to sub? You end up with KES, Harris, Gabe, Bailey and either a tired Joe or tired Jones. Have to play them the way Mike did.

So very true!!!

They had all season. Mike has to recruit better!

Again, go back and look what was being said about these guys when they committed, I believe there is even a post from you talking them up.

Gabe is a 4. He can’t make an open 3. He has proved that many times this year. He’s a train wreck on offense with his poor passes that lead to turnovers and easy layups and dunks on the other end! He tries to take charges when he could simply jump and block a shot. He kills rally’s by taking shots he can’t make. When was the last time he had 5 rebounds in a game?

The point guard should be able to shoot the ball and create. Harris took shots today he hasn’t made all year long. Go to the hole or just take a mid range shot other wise he bricks it from 3. Look at the stats.

Today Gabe made 2 free throws. That’s it!

Vandy (edit)

Gabe aginst Vandy
O points. FG’s 0/5. 3’s 0/1.
R-7. A-3. S-2 TO-1. F-2

For the season prior to today.
FG. 33/100. 33%. 3’a. 5-24. 20.8%
FT’s. 19/42. 45.2%

R-41(O). 50 (D). 91. Steals 26. TO’s 36

Don’t sound real impressive.

You don’t have to play these guys when you recruit better, they play by default. Ibby and Henderson can’t play at all. It is on Mike he recruited all of these guys.

Baked, I’m saying some didn’t pan out and some left and now he has to go get a few for next year.

I don’t disagree with you on that. I’m just worried about who we will get. There are still some studs out there, but if I’m right and no NIT invite, plus losing Gafford, will they say no?

I think Harris and Gabe are a lot better than some think, but they can, and need to, improve in certain aspects of their game (shooting for an obvious one).

Adrio is a better shooter than either one of them. If they don’t improve we will be in the same position next year! No dance and no NIT!
The big issue for Gabe is he needs to learn where he can score form on the floor. (around the basket).