Question about kicker next year for anyone

Limpart has used his eligibility this year (I think). I’ve not seen a kicker being recruited. I know Loy will probably punt again but what about FG and KO position next year. Is there folks on campus ready to go or we pursuing someone?


I have had this question as well. Our punting was not that great last year, but Limpert was pretty solid.

Pretty sure a kicker from UTSA transferred in and redshirted.

That would be this guy:

Jared Sackett

Reid Bauer is also back and could be the punter, although he wasn’t very good as a freshman.

Thanks guys…

Loy was at (or near) the bottom of the SEC in punting yards averaged. I did notice that his kicks were very high with lots of hang time. Bauer was not consistent in his few appearances.

Has anyone seen the redshirt kick in practice?

I am sure they will have a few more candidates for spring practice and the fall

saw an old HS classmate in DeWitt over the holidays. Her son is planning on kicking for UA. I assume he is walking on. Think he is from Cabot? Name is Rhett something…Lawson maybe?