Question about fouls at the end

Near the end when Desi Sills got called for fouling when the Bama guy was shooting a 3pt made me scream at the TV. It didn’t even look like Desi touched him, let alone fouled him. I thought it was more a Ref anticipating a foul.


Just a few seconds later Bama got another call on a 3pt shot charged to Reggie Chaney. I watched that over and over and never saw anything but a flop from the Bama player. I thought those were suppose to be looked at and stopped.

Anyone else have a better view cause it sure looked like home cookin’ right there to me.

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Reggie’s follow through got him - well after the shot. Weak call.

Thats why I was calling it a flop. Chaney may have touched him on the hand after the shot but the Bama player fell to the floor on his back. It looked like a classic flop to me. Without the player falling on the floor I don’t think that ref calls a thing.

Desi never touched the shooter. I thought Reggie bumped him after the shot was gone! It is just crazy to be that close at the end. Why stop the clock. I started thinking about the WKY game about the time Mason Jones took that early shot clock 3 with just over a minute to go on the game. It was poor clock and game management by the players and we were lucky we dot the W! The rebounding foul call on the hogs was equally as bad! The one Reggie fouled out on.

As with any game, there were a few calls that make you wonder what the heck the zebra that you don’t. One I remember from this game was a real momentum-stealer for us late in the game.

We were surging and on a fast break. Harris had the call about the top of the key, but “dropped” it off for Jones, who drilled a 3 pointer that would have put us ahead 6 or 7, I believe. However, the ref ruled that Harris had charged the defender after he made the pass, but before Jones’ shot was released.

As I watched the multiple replays (they reviewed to see if the shot was made before or after the “foul”, I just didn’t see a charge. To be honest - to me - it was a “no foul, play on” situation. However, IF it WAS a foul, it should have been on the defender, not Harris. It looked to me as if the defender initiated what contact there was - which wasn’t most - and then kind of flopped on top of that. I was disappointed that the ref didn’t wave the charge off after review (based on the flop).

I thought they called it an illegal screen. I didn’t scrutinize the replays, but it looked like a decent call.

Now, the Sills foul on Reese late in the game looked like a ghost foul.

Desi definitely touched his hand about time of release but it in no way influenced the shot— I didn’t think any contact until reviewers and to my eyes very minimal one hand contact— we also had some calls very much in our favor in particular Jimmie got 2 freebies when wasn’t even touched

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[Good post sacketthawg. I agree that some of the calls in Alabamas favor late were iffy at best, to be completely objective Alabama may have had some legitimate arguments.

Wiz it appeared to be an illegal screen but if Harris drives toward the wing and turns back to Jones with a pass for the shot he takes that call away from the official! In my opinion it’s a bad decision or high risk by Harris in that situation. It just also could have ended up another bad live ball TO’! The simple play was all that was required not the cute stuff.

and Dane Bradshaw went on and on about Jimmy Whitt drive that was saved by a weak call against Bama. At that time, I told a friend watching with me that the refs were consistently bad. Same was true in Duke v Syr, a lot of consistently bad calls. Such will be the case when tournament time. I am a hockey fan and refs are famous for changing how the game is called come playoffs. Good training for tournament time. I’m sure both Sills and Chaney made weak contact as did the Bama kid hit Jimmy in the thigh. No comment will come from coach report to SEC office about calls made or not made during the game. Birmingham good ole boy network will close ranks and let all those things stand.

The good ole boy system stinks!

I agree with all said here about the refs, but let’s face it, those 3 point shot fouls were pretty stupid on our part. Like the announcers said, “What are you thinking? Why did you do that?” Yes, I screamed at the TV, too…

My guess is that if some of you ever tried refereeing in some games you would be a lot more understanding. While some of the calls were questionable (some mentioned were, others I think maybe not), in general I thought that the referees did about as well as mere humans could be expected. There were certainly questionable calls, but I failed to see strong bias in either direction. These things happen so fast, and a referee has to make quick decisions based on what they think they see. In spite of all, I really enjoyed the game and particularly the final outcome.

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I also think the bad calls were about equal. That’s about all you can ask for, especially on the road.

BTW, I’m also seeing a future star in Dane Bradshaw, who I never noticed before this season (I assume not his first). He really does a good job as a color man IMO and appreciates what the Hogs bring to the table.

I agree with the lilhawg post that we shouldn’t be close enough to even get a bad call at that point and score of the game… but I’m sure it will be a teaching moment for Muss.

Amazing group! Able to coach and ref at the same time from our couches.

You bet.
That is why we have TVs… But I don’t use couches, I use my bed and fall asleep watching the games!

Dang Ham, the game came on at 5p, or did you record it and watch it late after coming in from a night of carousing?

Fouling on 3s is never good. But when the coach says don’t let them get a 3 off, you are going to foul some. Make em put it on floor is what he means, not try to block them. Once they get it loaded up (for a 3) in last minute, leave em alone.

That 3 in the WKY game late sure hurts about right now! Making them put up a tough 3 is fine but when you leave your feet and reach your giving the ref a reason to blow his whistle. I have a problem with just letting people drive the ball to the hole late in games too but that seems to happen as well!
I hate to see fouling on 3 point shots whenever it happens.