Question about emojis

I can’t get the emojis just right of the post box to copy and paste. How do you get them moved into the box where you are writing? Please explain to a technologically impaired person. I have a Mac Book Pro.

Should just be able to click on the smiley you want and it automatically goes into the text box of the post.

For instance, want to be confused? :? There ya go

One other thought to that. The emoji does not show up until you actually hit submit. It will appear as regular type: as in, a colon with a parenthesis, or something along that line. When you hit submit, it should show up in the thread.

Correct. It puts the code that produces the emoji into the post, which becomes the emoji when you actually post (or preview) it.

Okay…that explains it. I wasn’t crazy, but I just didn’t know. I will try that.

Thank you.

One other thing to note, you can now use emojis from your mobile device on this board. The initial implementation did not allow that.