Question about Darius Thomas

I am curious. Did Darius Thomas grow up in Jonesboro (Arkansas) or did his family move here when he was older? I guess my real question is did he grow up being a Razorback?

I know they’ve been here since 2004-2005, maybe even before. As to growing up being a Razorback, I don’t know. He likes the Razorbacks, did he grow up wanting to be one, I’ve never heard him say that, doesn’t mean it isn’t so.

Thanks for the response. So at least he has seen a few years where the Razorbacks were among the elite teams–i.e., he knows it can be done here.

Sounds like Coach Morris and his team have a challenge ahead because several elite programs are going to try to gain his signature. Would be a great recruiting win to sign him. I just hope his desire to make a decision before his season begins doesn’t hurt the UA’s chances since there won’t be a chance for him to see actual results (improvement) on the field.

Thanks again.

I know we lose too many east Ark players to out of state teams. We’ve lost several from the Jonesboro area lately. (At my age “lately” can mean 20 years, so forgive me if I’m thinking too far back in time.)

I’m thinking Darius is a Believer. That the Arkansas program is now elite.

Outside of Zach Brooks, I can’t think of anyone until you go back to the linemen that went to Tennessee.

I’ll ask

Yeah, those are two I was thinking of even though I couldn’t have told you their names. There was a kid who went to Clemson from that area somewhat recently. Not from Jonesboro, but not far away. Also seem like we lost someone to Texas, but that might have been Brooks. Heck, it might have been Brooks I was thinking about who went to Clemson. The memory fades

Brooks went to Clemson. He played with my oldest and they moved to Jonesboro from Osceola. He originally came from the Jacksonville, FL area.

We had some trouble in the 90’s keeping players from there. Leslie Ratliffe went to Tennessee, a defensive back from Osceola went to Alabama (Harold James?). Jonathan Adams went to ASU, still never got that. Charles Stackhouse from West Memphis went to Ole Miss. All of those were back in the 90’s though.

And DeAngelo to Memphis

“Yes, I was born here and its the only place I have ever lived,” Thomas said. “My dad graduated from AState and that is where we attended games mostly. You can’t live in Arkansas without hearing about the Hogs, but I did not follow them.”

Big lineman from Pocahontas (or was it Walnut Ridge) went to Texas.


Thank you Dudley for getting an answer straight from the source. Knowing that makes me more optimistic about ultimately getting his signature.

It’s interesting he didn’t follow the Hogs & mentioned it to a Hog reporter

He was being honest. That is refreshing.

I asked him the question. He did not bring it up on his own.

An offer was made to Osceola for $250,000 to be used toward their athletic complex for Adams’ signature. I have no proof. I just know…and have known since the spring of 1998.

Logan Young was trying to lure Harold James & Jonathan Adams.

I think …Jonathan girlfriend was pregnant with future Arkansas RB Korliss Marshall around that time which kept him instate.

The mayor of Osceola was pushing him towards Jonesboro as did his mother, who ended up with employment in the mayor’s office or at ASU if I remember correctly.

But we have gotten so really good players from NEA too!

Verl Mitchell
David Barrett
Corliss Marshall
Jerry Eckwood
Bruce Hay
Wayne Martin
DeArrius Howard

We had a RB from New Port, but his name escapes me. Thats a Dudley question.