Question About Capps

Is he injured, or why did his role decrease this last game? I didn’t see him as much as previous games.

He played. The coaches rotate the interior based on what the other team likes to do. A lot of Auburn’s runs are to the outside, so it calls for more agile linemen. Auburn’s style also allows for fewer personnel changes. If a player isn’t on the field for the first play of the possession, he may not make it on the field for that drive.

I think you’ll see Capps play more against Florida and LSU. Those teams will try to challenge the interior defense more with the run.

He did have the scooter injury before the Texas A&M game, but Bielema said a week or two later that he was OK from that.

Actually, his role has decreased over the last few games. They’ve played Taiwan Johnson and Bijohn Jackson more than Austin. I think he had some issues as far as inexperience and being in the wrong gaps. I’m interested to hear today what the rotation on the interior might be, but I know Bret Bielema has high hopes for Austin Capps.

If you watch the game replay, you will see that he was dominated by the offensive lineman in front of him. He needs to shift to the O line after the season