Question about blocking a poster

I thought I understood how to do it. Go to settings & “mute” a particular poster. Apparently that doesn’t do it. Maybe it’s just me, but there are about 2 posters on this board whose posts I’d just as soon never see. Is there a way to stop their posts from showing up when I read a thread?

This is an Arkansas board. If you can block anyone at anything report to Coach Fry immediately!

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LOL… too funny


That was great :rofl:


So sad this remains a truism as we’re into Morris’ second season…and the weakest part of our schedule (scary).

I am pretty sure neastarkie is out of eligibility. Sad day!

Got to hand you that one, eagle.

But back to my question. There are a couple of posters I don’t want to see. Is there no way to stop their posts from appearing on my computeron threads I want to read?

Is not just you. I muted a troll, yet they still show up in the threads that I read.

I actually find the poster formerly known as elmo funny. He posts opinions as facts. Cracks me up.

So that guy is elmo, huh? Doesn’t surprise me. I’m quite sure the fan I want to ban is the one you’re referring to.

He’s not Elmo, but he is someone who was given a permanent vacation from WholeHog. He is trying to get Elmo to comeback so be prepared

Welp, if you didn’t vacation under a bridge you wouldn’t see them


Then I wish our admins would extend their “permanent vacation” to the new board as well. (Dudley, Clay, Marty, Matt: This is a hint.)

Not sure Marty would ban them if she knew who they were.

Let’s just say an old Bald Headed Hippy might be looking for Bob in the mud.

She should understand that. Not sure the others you mentioned will.

By the way, he’s a huge Razorback fan, just likes to stir the pot and get a reaction

May not be who I thought it was. Just an FYI.

Well, there are two I’d like to block, but one of them is particularly offensive.

Gee, and here I thought we were friends.


Not to worry, Greg. You are only “honorable mention” on my list.:laughing: