Question about Arkansas guards

Lots of good points here. My 2 cents:

  • I think there would be more chemistry between the 3 of them (Hannahs, Macon, Barford) if they got to play together more. Obviously, we choose to play our best players less than most teams do.

  • Our offense is rated 34th nationally and 3rd of 14 in conference games only. Last year it was 77th nationally and 6th of 14 in conference games only. I agree it could be better this year … but it is certainly better than last year.

Great thread that I somehow missed last week. Enjoyed reading through it. OP makes some good points.

I’ve thought they needed a PG for a while (started a thread about it last month), but I don’t think it needs to be a Jabril Durham, “pure PG” type. Jabril was cerebral, for sure, but defenses didn’t respect him as an offensive threat.

In a perfect world, you’d want a PG with a scoring mentality who creates shots for others. Someone who can get a bucket for himself, but who also gets into the lane and kicks to shooters or dumps it off to bigs on a regular basis. A player who forces the defense to help and in turn finds open teammates.

Obviously this team has guys who can get their own shot, but they’re looking to score the overwhelming majority of the time when they get into the paint, which leads to forced shots instead of drive and kicks or drive and dishes. As a result, they sometimes don’t play well off of each other, which shows in the poor spacing and lack of cohesion in the halfcourt.

Very interested to see how PG recruiting goes this spring. It would be great if they signed someone who could shoot, too, with Dusty graduating. But dynamic PGs who can score, shoot and drop dimes don’t grow on trees.

What about Kam Brasfield. He is avg 20ppg and 8apg. Plays for Episcopal. Seems to be a good player, but haven’t found where he has offers. Any of the guys in the know, see him or think he’s a D1 talent. I know he is listed at 5’9, but so was Ulis

Dudley probably knows a lot more about him than I do. I was just able to find one game’s worth of highlights on YouTube. You have to be a pretty special player to be a difference maker at 5-9.

Wonder about the young man from Forrest City who is injured. Is he someone who could play at the point? My biggest concern about a point guard in our offense, since we play small ball a lot, does a six footer+/- create too many difficult match-ups, especially with our constant switching? Regardless of the point, I think our guards/shooters would be better with faster ball movement, ie, more passing less dribbling. It is pretty interesting to see Kansas and other offenses who utilize quick passing and fast ball reversal and the shots they get with this type of ball movement.

Kam to me is a very good high school player, but I don’t see him as a high major D-I player

I like Glasper better as an all-around player of the two, but I don’t think he is “the answer.”

That’s why they are looking for one capable of making an impact.