Question about Arkansas guards

Did Mike Anderson recruit himself into a corner, by putting these guys on the same team:

Jaylen Barford
Daryl Macon
Dusty Hannahs
Moses Kingsley


  1. At Holmes CC last year, Macon took 14 shots per game, played 32 minutes on average, high for juco. He was the focus of the team on offense.

  2. At Motlow State CC last year, Barford took 17 shots per game, was the focus of his team on offense.

  3. Hannahs is the shooter’s shooter, and the young man also has an outstanding ability to create his own shots from any distance.

  4. Last season, Kingsley used 26% of Arkansas’s possessions when he was on court (he ended that % of possessions with his actions - made shots, missed shots that went the other way, turnovers). That was a slightly higher % than Bobby Portis had. Kingsley was the focus of the Razorbacks on offense, even playing with Hannahs.

All of these guys probably would be happier in a system that gave them 35 minutes and primary status in the offense. Don’t you think? Could you recruit any three guards who were less suited for a scheme that’s big on sharing the ball + calls for max effort with fewer minutes?

You make some really good points. This team definitely is comprised of offense first players.

Yet if the UA does not make the tournament, the number one argument for keeping CMA will be because of his recruiting. Interesting to see how he has done in that regard thus far.

Aren’t most junior college stars offensive-minded?

They would all work better together if there was a true point guard - as it turns out Jabril Durham was.

It’s why the offense has worked better when Beard plays well and is assist first guy, but the fact that he is third with 50 assists behind Macon (57) and Barford (53) shows that has not been fixated on that role.

In formulating this, I also had in mind the fact that Beard had been a high schooler who made things happen with the ball rather than distributing it. Calling someone a point guard doesn’t make him one.

You make that comment about jucos, but Barford and Macon were - far and away - leaders on their juco teams in shots and shots per minute. They were the primary option on every possession.

I’m not saying that to disparage them. They were the center of the offense. Hannahs also is a guy very likely to shoot when he gets the chance. We’ve got three of them competing - maybe against one another.

On top of that, we’re coming off a season when Kingsley shot as often as Bobby Portis had, and maybe he got used to that status + is uncomfortable with the shift away from him.

It seems clear that this mix of players is having some conflicts. I proposed a possible explanation.

And I understand your explanation and think it is valid.

Just making additional comments, not challenging your theory

I have noticed, that if covered, Dusty passes much quicker than the other two guards. However, for the others, it may be me first, team second.

I have noticed, that if covered, Dusty passes much quicker than the other two guards. However, for the others, it may be me first, team second.

I just can’t get down with this statement at all - and the stats don’t agree with it either

Dusty - 576 minutes, 256 shots, 32 assists

Daryl - 622 minutes, 211 shots, team-high 57 assists

Jaylen - 571 minutes, 231 shots, 51 assists

I do not for one minute think Dusty, Daryl or Jaylen care more about themselves than the team and I think it is a very strong - and maybe careless - accusation made out what I hope is frustration

I would love to see an “average time of possession per touch” for those three players. I think that is what Gay is getting out. I doubt it is calculated in the college game.

But the key is the assertion that they are not team players.

I just think that is a tough one to levy against any of the three.

It would seem to me from watching the games this season that Dusty would have the most possession time, Beard second, Macon 3rd and Barford 4th as he usually attacks - at least one half a game

To make your point you take my statement out of context and do not included the emphasis of the original poster (OP). I only said, “may” not “is” since I am not qualified to dispute the OP. If you have an issue of whether is me or team first, it should be with the OP, not me.

None are as “sticky” as Melo, but I do think there is a lack of ball movement some of the guards.

I may be missing something and I will gladly apologize to you if I am.

You said you think Dusty passes the ball quicker than the other two.

And you - not Randy - said they may be me first, team second players.

I disagree with your point. It’s not a shot at you - it’s a disagreement with your statement.

I agree with Randy’s that Arkansas has too many many similar guards and not a true point guard

I would not claim that at all, only that they all play a similar style and are not natural “distributors,” judging from their pre-Arkansas performance, how they play in games, and their assist stats (which are hampered by having so many passes inside go to waste).

Absolutely a factor this year. Fact is that most talented perimeter players have the ball in their hands the majority of the time before they land in high major ball. It’s up to the coach to evaluate their ability to assimilate to playing equally talented players and coach them to play the proper role in the system.

I maintain that spacing and timing has been the biggest issue in the halfcourt. Not everyone works off the ball well enough. They all run to the same area of the floor way too much. Lack of discipline. Lacking role clarity all year.

That lack of discipline is also way more evident on defense.

You said in basketball terms what I was trying to point out. On the discipline angle, my guess is it’s related directly to energy level. Takes high effort to do what they are trying to do in the man defenses, to compensate for a lack of quickness. I don’t believe they can sustain the necessary effort, thus we see a very bursty team.

I agree that we lack a quick penetrating point guard. The whole team would be better and we would have a few more victories.

The need for a true point guard is obvious. Beard is probably the best option although Macon and Bardford need to work on the distribution of the ball more. The effort on defense

Obvious now, but apparently not when we were recruiting.

I personally think there isn’t any problem with these players sharing the ball with one another, who scores or starts etc. The problem with this team initiates with its defense. They are too spread, give up open threes, wide open lanes to drive, put backs and rebounds. If we could have corrected that, we would all be flourishing and not looking at a no loss situation for NCAA.