Question about AA

some of his misses yesterday (pick six for sure) his accuracy was very bad. Looked like his footwork was off which was causing accuracy problems. Is that from being rusty not practicing or is his knee bothering him enough to effect his footwork? On the pick six he missed Sprinkle by 3 yards behind him

Not an expert nor an insider. But IMHO, it is a combination of the knee injury and rust from not practicing. Not practicing messes up the timing and a good many of our passing routes are predicated on timing. Takes some time for the QB and WRs to get that timing precise and to look as sharp as AA and the WRs have earlier this season. AA settled into the game and was more sharp down the stretch. Bielema admitted after the game that AA was not 100%. Think that knee not being 100% played a role in his footwork and throws being off. There were a few times he didn’t step into his throw and threw off balance. Hopefully he will be back to his normal razor sharp self Saturday night.

Bielema said after the game that Allen wasn’t 100 percent (he said he was leading up to the game) and seemed to indicate the knee injury made it difficult for him to step into his throws. Austin said he wasn’t comfortable at the start of the game, but loosened up as the run game took some pressure off of him.