Quentin Grimes out of Draft and into Transfer Portal

Kansas guard Quentin Grimes has withdrawn from the NBA Draft and right into the Transfer Portal. 6-5 five star had chosen Kansas over Kentucky will have to sit one year and play three at his next destination.

Man, this Transfer Portal has made everything so easy and fluid. Definitely exciting for the fans, unless one from your team goes into the Portal.

Muss is so right that “transfers” is as important as high school recruiting and everyone needs to adapt to the changing times.

Every year will be like picking thru the college free agency market, and its actually free at least on the surface.
I wouldn’t be surprised in the future to see some silent trading of players with this free for all transfer rule where coaches/teams quietly swap for players they need as long as the players are going to their teams of choice.

It can definitely add value to a player. :smiley:

Good point about trading players. Had not thought about it.

BTW, Jaylen Fisher has done the same thing now. Pulled out of the draft and enter the transfer portal. He is not returning to TCU.

I remember we recruited Jaylen hard and thought we had a good chance in the 2016 class. I assume he is not a “grad” transfer. Injured the last 2 years at TCU. Played just 17 games his soph year and only 9 games last season. I guess he might get a medical red-shirt for last year and have 2 years to play?

Very highly ranked (4-star, top 70 nationally) PG coming out of high school. Not sure about all the injuries though. He would be a great get IF he’s 100% healthy. We are probably a day late and a scholarship short for him now.

Would need to know the extent of the injuries.

The whole point of the transfer portal is because kids want out of the control of the school they’re leaving. You think a kid is going to go along with a “trade” from Kansas to NC State for a coach he may or may not know or like?

Swine apparently you didn’t read the last sentence.
“As long as the players are going to their teams of choice”

Doesn’t make it any more plausible. So you think, for instance, the Cal coach is going to call Muss and do a swap of Vanover for Bailey? It ain’t like the pros. There are only 29 other choices for an MLB player even without a no-trade clause. A college basketball player has 354 other choices just in D-I.

We are only in the 1st year of this whole transfer portal thing. I would not be surprised by anything in the future. With that many good players making the move each year and coaches trying to find the right fit at a position. I could see player A being swapped for player B as long as both the players and coaches feel they are bettering themselves and their teams.
Of course it would not be called a “trade or swapping of players” just another transfer. Under the current system it wouldn’t be illegal. Still controlled by the players of course.
Who’s to say recruits / players and coaches won’t make certain arrangements ie a recruit signs with one school with secret plans of transferring the next year or later when there is scholarship room at his 1st school and coach of choice. Not just one player but more than one player making plans to transfer in to a certain school for a 1 year NC run. Legally!
May sound extreme but Nothing is to far fetched in the future with this transfer portal as it is now.

Not likely…unless of course the money is right. :roll: