This is the position that will get Morris fired. Rough edges while rebuilding can be smoothed out with better QB play, especially with a mobile kid that can freelance some. But I don’t see an adequate QB in the near future. Starkel and Hicks are just blah (Hicks gone anyway), Jefferson apparently is not good enough to see the field even amidst the bad QB play now and is described as a “project,” and Chandler Morris is not a Power 5 starting QB. He won’t cut it in the SEC. So what do we do? Transfer portal? What decent transfer wants to play for this staff and behind this O line? See Kelly Bryant. Real problems now and on the horizon, unfolding before our eyes.

We are having the same issues as last year, just a qb carousel and a coach who waits until the last minute to make a change.

Open again according to Andrew Hutchinson tweet:


so Ben fell short even though he knew the system (might really be the pro as our system sucks, always has and always will), Starkel sparked and burned out but is a junior who will be back and Ben is gone for good after this season, so that leaves the only possible hope beinng KJ or JSJ who would be a welcome energy boost to the the stuff now happening on the field. Where is a Danny Ford consultant to cme in and help these clowns? CM fame came from Dabo, not SMU and he failed the Kelly Bryant recruiting, so we now have Cnandler to come aborard and be a savior? I don’t think so, heck Starkel was beaten out in College Station and had a proven QB developer in Jimbo. Has he not regressed under our guys?, Yes, he has.

Purge is complete, and now the talent on the field will be the recruiting success of the staff, they are not stalwarts at teaching or developing so they had better recruit talent that defies their teaching skill.

I am disappointed with how nonchalant and unaffected our staff is by losing winnable games. Whole crew seems immune and complacent. I have seen the same in little girl soccer where participation medals abound and winning is secondary.

The truth!

I know you have watched him play a lot, so it’s interesting to hear you say that. I don’t expect him to come in and start from Day 1 like Bo Nix did at Auburn, but he did have great programs like Clemson and Oklahoma offer him, which indicates he can play. If Lincoln Riley offers a QB right now, my ears perk up. What makes you think he can’t start at this level?

Yes, I’ve watched him. Not as much this year, admittedly. Basically, not big enough. He’s a little taller than JSJ and has a better arm. Probably faster but nothing close to SEC speed for a mobile QB. He’s still too short and will get a bunch of balls batted down and essentially get killed. Plus, didn’t he finish ranked last in the Elite 11 this past summer? That tells me something. I touted JSJ enough and was likely wrong about him. I know other big schools recruited Chandler, but I’m not sure if those are actual scholarship offers or are something less. Nothing against Chandler. But I just don’t see him as close to what we need. We need close to a transcendent QB talent to pull us out of this ditch.

Just because he may not be what we “need” does not make him a non P5 quarterback.

The starting quarterback did not have it in the last 2 games, not many completions. Hicks did a better job in the A & M game and in the short time he played at Kentucky. Why did Morris wait so long before he put him in? I do see the logic in that. I think pour coaching. and the offensive line did nothing for me to brag about and nothing the coaches can brag about.
I also thing the Chavis has something to answer for. that was bad.

I remember reading the article about our upgrades at the Qb position and my thoughts at the time was they haven’t played behind our O-line yet. Well now they have and they aren’t as shiny as they were and they have a better O-line to play behind with better receivers to throw too than Storey & Kelley did and the results are basically the same. Fans may be more confident in our current QBs but the confidence is not translating to wins. No QBs will flourish here until we improve our O-line, I’m hoping we can keep them healthy as they will see faster defenses coming at them than they ever encountered in the coming weekends. We have played a very soft schedule so far compared to what’s on the horizon, sure hope we find the slant route so they can get rid of the ball quickly. Seems like we have a great bunch of young men on this team that are of good character and I knows it’s tough as they are in the perfect storm of youth,inexperience and lack of depth and trying to win in the toughest division in college football. I applaud these guys for continuing to work hard and showing up everyday to try and get better!! WPS