We could possibly end up w only 2 qbs on the spring roster. Kelly gone, Hyatt probably gone, Story is a graduate. Kelly Bryant chooses someone other than us.

There is a chance we have only Nolan and Jones for spring until Jefferson gets here for next year. In fact we could go into next year w only 3 qbs. Not good.

That being said I think it’s almost a certain that if story leaves or gives up football that we sign a transfer or a juco to go through spring ball.

Makes the Bryant announcement very important. And hopefully the staff has a very good plan b in case he goes elsewhere.

Don’t like the qb numbers if story leaves

Jack Lindsey will be on the roster, too. He may not be on scholarship, but he can play quarterback in this system and not cause one single problem. I like Jack a lot.

i forgot lindsey. but listening to bo’s show just now, he asked the question, do we have an sec qb to lead this team now. I’m sure he’s a very good kid, but he wasn’t highly recruited, would be a great success story and a legacy but he barely got mentioned last year.

im not sure lindsey is the answer, or jones. nolan if craddock will open up the offense. nolan and jefferson in time, but next year? i would say it has to be Bryant or a transfer or juco next year.

until we have a qb we are going to struggle.

just my opinion…

Why does everyone think Storey is going to transfer or quit? Clay/Dudley has there been any rumors to such?

Until the Bryant sweepstakes took place. It was Story Noland JSJ Lindsey & KJ, with everyone figuring CK & Hyatt leaving.
I count 5 QB’s. Don’t see Story going anywhere now that KB not in picture.

It’s time work on our investments from this point & let the best man run the show next year.
Unless another KB clone falls out of the sky into Fayetteville.
Focus on some Olinemen now.

All I know is story is not an sec qb He is not the answer. We need a difference maker