If the Clemson transfer comes to Ark for his, I think, one year of eligibility, and he gets the starting role, what would the actions of the quarterbacks on campus be? Just wondering what some of you think will happen.

If Kelley Bryant is dumb enough to come to Arkansas with this O line and set of receivers, I am not sure he’s fit for a cerebral position like QB anywhere.

Come on man. You’re better than this.

I think they will sit and wish they were as good as KJ Jefferson.

No, I’m pretty sure I mean it. Why would he come to Arkansas with zero talent around him? And don’t give me the lip about him reading this and it affecting his decision. I’m confident he’s seen what’s happening here and can make his own decision. This is one of the worst football programs in America right now. He needs to go elsewhere. And I’m pretty confident he will.


  1. I know you mean it
  2. I agree it won’t affect KB’s decision
  3. Just because you’re thinking it does not make it message board appropriate IMO

And that’s how I feel.

This is the problem…Arkansas O-Line hasn’t shown improvement.

I wouldn’t be shocked if all the QB’s transferred regardless if KB came here or not.