Quarterback from Hampton....

He is an impressive runner and athlete. Is Arkansas recruiting him? If not, why not?

No, grades.

Grades are fine. He has to improve on ACT

He is definitely a D1 talent! ghg

Well, they actually are related these days, on the sliding scale.

Monta Thomas is a very, very, very good football player. A very good friend of mine has been close to Monta for years. Talent has never been his issue. He is one of the best athletes in the state. Could play a number of different positions. Gamebreaker. And a good kid from all indications. He simply has not applied himself in the classroom (ACT). He has had people in his life trying very hard the last few years to show him what his future could hold if he puts it together. Have kept up with him for years going back to his days at Hermitage High. Always have held out hope he could get his academics in line because he is a high caliber D1 talent and could play for our Razorbacks, despite what any recruiting service says.

“Grades are fine” can be interpreted as “he has at least a 2.3”. If he has a 2.3, then the sliding scale says 75 on the ACT or 900 on the SAT. There is the academic redshirt; you have to have at least a 2.0 with scores of 86 or 1020 to do that, so maybe “grades are fine” means 2.0. You can be on scholarship and practice with the team but not play.

Unless they’ve changed the ACT scoring system and I haven’t noticed, the max ACT is a 36, not sure what 75 and 86 would translate too. Most schools require a 16-18 for admittance.

I think he was talking about the combined score between the four different sections

Those numbers came directly from the NCAA website for freshman eligibility. I haven’t dealt with ACT in almost 40 years, but I believe that’s correct, that the 75 number combines all four subscores. The composite score (and each subscore) is still 1-36. As I understand it, a combined score of 75 would be equivalent to 18 or 19 on the composite; 86 would be 21 or 22.

Correct, I didn’t realize that was the cumulative of the four score. I was just familiar with so and so scoring a 25 or whatever as a total score. I’m far removed from it though! I see now where you were going with it, I believe if one scores under 18 in a section they are subject to remedial courses in that subject.