Quarterback Decisions

One of the most headscratching things to me about this football staff is how they are handling our quarterbacks. We obviously had the horrible North Texas game where, when they finally took Cole Kelley out and decided to go a different direction, they played Dalton Hyatt and both freshmen but wouldn’t give Ty Storey a chance to play, even though he was the backup quarterback.

Then, following the game, Storey was named starting QB.

Fast forward to tonight, where we’ve heard that Kelley has accepted his role of short yardage quarterback, but Connor Noland is getting the reps as the #2 QB. So when Storey goes out with injury, we refuse to put Noland in at all and go the entire rest of the game with Kelley, playing a far too conservative offense because it was obvious they didn’t trust Kelley to pass the ball much, even after losing our top two running backs.

Why are you giving a QB all the #2 reps in practice if you refuse to play him?

Don’t ask such thoughtful, intelligent questions…nobody knows the answers.

That’s in Morris, and this kind of crap can’t continue.

This is a completely valid criticism. They botched the QB decisions early and often.

I’d like to chastise you, but your question is too valid.

Where has been reported Noland is getting #2 reps?

Where has been reported Noland is getting #2 reps?

During the game tonight they said Noland had all the second-string Reps this week and Kelly had taken none

Got ya… I was there so did not here broadcast.


How do “they” know when even our own media don’t get to see practice?

Because obviously the plan is that they believe Storey is the man and can get it done so they can redshirt the freshmen QB’s…Storey goes down and they don’t want to burn a redshirt for 1 1/2 quarters of a game…believe Kelly can at least chew up some clock and get them through the game when they could better evaluate Storey’s injury going forward. Makes sense if…

If the D doesn’t give up 2 TD’s in the last 4:15 of the game (including a 98 yard drive in less than 2 minutes) otherwise none of this would be an issue.

I believe you will see the freshmen when they would not be in danger of going over the 4-game rule as long as Storey can continue. If Storey is out for any length of time now you will see Noland start I imagine.

well I’m sure “they” talked to CCM.

It was a tough decision to bring in a new quarterback. Do you go with a talented but untested freshman quarterback or one who has played in the SEC, one who was in the game last year when Arkansas won. Hindsight is always perfect but I think Kelly has proven that he makes bonehead decisions. What if on the drive at the end when Arkansas had about 4 minutes left and was ahead by two points and was trying to convert a third and six, Kelly had chosen to throw to a wide open O Grady instead of trying to force the ball to a covered receiver. What if he had made similar decisions and had milked the clock to win the game. I don’t fault Morris’ decision to bring in Kelly but I guess I would have brought in the quicker and more accurate Noland. Morris has a tendency not to protect his younger quarterbacks from the possibility of having their confidence shattered. However, against Tulsa if Storey can’t play, I expect to see Noland. We shall see.

I think they’ll play Noland in the final three games to prep him for next year. I know I would.

Again, not there last night so I am not sure if the question was asked.

It is certainly is a valid one if Noland had been running with the 2s.

My only guess - and that’s all it is at this point - is that he didn’t want to put him in a situation where he would only be needed for a few plays and thus burn one of his four games that he could play in and still redshirt.

Kelley did zip a touchdown on his first throw. He ended up 2 -of-5 for 60 yards with one TD and one interception. He also ran the ball 7 times for a net of 25 yards.

I still believe it is in Connor and the team’s best interest for him to play in four games and redshirt.

Ty should be the starter if healthy, but Connor should get into the next two games for sure and then you can make a decision on Mississippi State and Missouri based on his play.

Noland will be eligible for the MLB draft, again, in June 2021 after his 3rd year of college. He might chose to play baseball anyway, so why not let him play if he is a viable option? We need to win some games now. We know he is a good runner and has a nice arm. He might have led us to a win last night. It is pretty obvious they don’t have confidence in letting Cole Kelley drive the bus.

Obviously the coaches don’t have confidence in letting Nolan’s drive the bus. Our Oline was breaking down late due to fatigue & better to let Kelly absorb the punishment. Kelly made some plays & had a critical drop late. He missed on a couple & we don’t know if Noland would have faired better. Remember the speed of the college game usually takes a while for young QB’s to adjust to unless you have a Bama or Clemson Oline blocking for you.
I still throw most of the blame toward our defensive & allowing Tu amu to pick us apart & continue gashing us on the draw.

I think it is purely a red shirt issue.

He will only play in 4 games this year. Do you want that to be a whole game or half or a few snaps?