Qualls gets NBA summer league shot

Story here: <LINK_TEXT text=“http://www.wholehogsports.com/news/2016 … er-league/”>http://www.wholehogsports.com/news/2016/jun/29/qualls-play-pelicans-summer-league/</LINK_TEXT>

Will be interesting to see how he’s added to his game skill-wise in the past year. He’s going to have to show he hasn’t lost any athleticism, since his physical makeup (freak athlete, 6-5 with a 7-0 wingspan) is his main calling card. If his shot has improved and he’s become a more locked-in defender, he could eventually find a way into the league as a 3-and-D guy. Athletic wings are in high demand with the way the game is trending.

Important opportunity for him. Best case, he plays well enough to get invited to a team’s training camp. He should hope to at least secure a spot in the D-League. Overseas money is largely drying up for U.S. players, but that could be another option, too.

Jimmy, is the overseas money increasingly going to overseas players? Why is it drying up for the US guys?

Yes, the big contracts have really started to disappear for U.S. guys. Europe is obviously struggling economically right now and the willingness to overpay for college talent (which, across the board, isn’t as good as it has been) isn’t there nearly as often. European teams are increasingly more intent to use their own talent as its gotten better. There are basketball factories in France and Spain where kids go to develop.

The D-League has become a more popular alternative, even though the salaries there often start around $25,000. Most NBA franchises now own their own D-League team and use it as a pseudo minor-league system, which makes is more attractive to players. The NBA is tossing around the idea of expanding rosters to 16th and 17th spots that will pay around $100,000 to players who will be in the D-League but locked into that specific team.

To make six figures overseas nowadays, you have to go over there and prove you’re worth it first most of the time. College guys and even NBA washouts are having a hard time getting the money they used to. There’s some money in Russia and China, but it’s really slowed down across the board in recent years.

Interesting stuff!