Quadrant 1 loss on the road

Knocks us from 10 to 14 in RPI, which of course doesn’t matter now, but nobody has come up with a live NET site. We’ll see how much that’s impacted tomorrow.

Our guys have footprints on their back from LSU climbing them from behind, by the way.

Ding Ding

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NET went from 21st to 28th with the loss.

LSU rose from 28th to 25th.

Ugh! Frustration galore in this one. We’ll get them in Fayetteville and it won’t be close.

Knowing you officiated, does that surprise you? Honest question, seems like for years a bigger player can go over the back on a smaller player with no call, but a smaller player with hops (like Bailey) can’t do the same to a bigger player.


I said after the A&M game that we would get no justice in Louisiana from the officials and we didn’t. What was worse to me was the missed calls. Like when Mays got blocked and pushed the all out of bounds, the officials didn’t even review it, but they reviewed a clear 30 violation by LSU(looked like for time, but still). Or the hook and pushoff MULTIPLE times by LSU players, but they call it on Jones at a crucial time.

As to your question, over the backs in general are hard to call. The two worst calls on rebounds I saw was when an LSU player was falling backwards for the rebound but Whitt jumped straight up and got, they blew the whistle on Whitt when he didn’t even touch him. Another was when Bailey had perfect box out position and the LSU player leaned on his back and elbowed him down so he couldn’t get the rebound, but the official blew the whistle on Bailey because the LSU player fell down.

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