Qs for Scottie

  1. Graham and the Mitchell twins are seniors but have eligibility left after this season. Do you read anything into the fact that none of them went through senior day ceremonies yesterday?

  2. Reeves killed us yesterday and I believe a lot of his points came off of pick n roll. Did our defender go over the top on all of those screens? If so, why not switch it up and go under to try and stop him from knocking down what seemed like a million mid range shots?

Muss has to get PNR defense figured out in practice this week. We have been getting destroyed on that lately by Alabama (2nd half) and then Kentucky with Reeves. I know that Muss hates to give up 3s and that is probably why he likes our players to go over on those screens. But at some point don’t you switch it up and just take a chance on giving up the 3 when they are wearing you out on drives to the goal?

I would like to hear your thoughts Scottie. Thanks

Not Scottie, but there is a different feel this year over last year on the players.

At this time last year we were having a discussion where I had said I had heard of different rumors that we could lose all 13 kids. Dudley and several others balked at it. We replaced 11 and were a commitment from a current TT player from replacing 12.

I have not heard near as much chatter this year about a big turnover. I’ve heard some parents who seem disgruntled, which I understand, but I’m only hearing about 4-5 that probably are leaning toward not coming back.

I think Muss is willing to give up the PNR’s so we don’t give the 3’s.

I think the guys who have eligibility left have decisions to make, and you don’t have to make those decisions before the final home game of the season.

It sure seemed like a lot of Reeves’ scores came off of dribble-handoffs when the Arkansas defender went over the ball screen, yes. I’ll go back and watch soon and report back. Defending DHOs has been an issue all season long, it seems. Would I have liked for the Razorbacks to go under some DHOs to give him more than one look? No doubt. What they did wasn’t working at all.

Thanks Scottie. It sounds like you and I agree that Muss should have tried something different in terms of defending the DHOs. After Reeves hot first half it might have been a good idea for Muss to change things up at halftime.

Also, I am beginning to wonder if Muss has become a little too obsessed with defending the 3. It seems to me that in the games we have lost over the past few weeks that we have given up way too many layups and open mid-range shots because we were too focused on the 3-point line.

I don’t know if it is because of the youth of the team or what, but my perception is that Muss is making fewer in-game defensive adjustments than he has in the past. That has got my attention in several games.

Other teams coaches know what we want to do and they adjust with a game plan to combat it. Go under, shoot the three, or it’s dribble drive score or kick out. We are easier to guard when teams dare us to shoot from distance. We still shoot but rarely make them. Sometimes your team just has warts🤷🏼‍♂️.