Single biggest piece to make Morris offense run…

Not sure we have that guy on campus yet

Will be interesting to see how Cole (or other QB on campus) fits in with Coach Morris scheme–I’m sure like any good coach, he will adjust scheme and personnel to find the best mix

I don’t think Cole is the guy. Good arm, but I just don’t see it working for him. He’s overweight and a little slow.

I bet Morris targets Patterson for transfer, or looks at the Juco ranks.

Or Hyatt may be ready, he has good scrambling ability.

Coach Morris could bring Rafe Peavey back to The Hill.

He sat last year out because he transferred. Unless he graduates he would have to sit out another year as a transfer. He has 2 years left if he stays in Dallas.

But it is ironic.

Rafe sat out in 2016. He was a back up last year

Conner Noland is committed to UA been running spread for Rick Jones at Greenwood.Just won St Championship. Great arm good wheels.