With the possibility of multiple quaterbacks transferring after this year and how well it seems that Darius Bowers of Fayettville and Justice Hill of Little Rock Christian have played to begin their senior seasons, What are the chances of either earning a scholarship? Also, does the coaching staff want Justice to play football and basketball, or has that been shot down by the basketball staff?

I don’t see them signing another HS QB. I can see a grad transfer or a JC QB.

As for Justice Hill, his stated goal is to be the best point guard ever at the University of Arkansas - not the best quarterback, WR or DB.

He is going to be a full-time basketball player who might dabble in football sometime in the future, but not immediately - per his dad Fitz Hill.

Like Richard said we need to go straight grad transfer (hello Jalen Hurts) or high level Juco qb to make next year even somewhat not horrible.

Ya’ll crack me up thinking Jalen Hurts is going to transfer here.

Lowell Narcisse, former LSU quaterback, would be someone to like at in the juco ranks.

Not saying he is, but he did consider Arkansas in HS.

Richard I think Justin Fields at Ga will not stay around next yr and may want to Transfer and he is Perfect for this offense CCM says he wants to run and tutoring D Watson can be a big selling point. what do you think?

Arkansas wasn’t on his radar in HS. Anything is possible but probably not going to happen.

Fields won’t leave. He won’t want to sit out a year. He probably has the NFL in sights sooner rather than later.

I don’t think he sits and wastes another yr behind Fromm anythung is possible,kid is too good to sit.

All nice dreams in my opinion.

But I don’t think a transferring Jalen Hurts would come to a rebuilding situation.

As for Fields, he’s playing some now, is an injury away from getting more time and I fail to see what he would accomplish by transferring.

And same for him, even if he decided to transfer, I don’t see a rebuild in his future

Jalen is from Houston so he’d probably seriously consider Texas A&M & Texas.

Grad transfer QBs are usually kind of hard to predict, but there might be a couple who would like the chance to play in the SEC for a year. Who knows if either would actually graduate early or have any interest in playing on a bigger stage:

Ben Hicks at SMU
Mason Fine at UNT

I wouldn’t want Hicks, and Fine is already on a better team than Arkansas so probably wouldn’t decide to come here.

The pipe dreams are rolling in this thread.

Arkansas’ most high profile QB transfer was Ryan Mallett and he had strong ties to the UA.