QB Walker White commits to Auburn

Yep about what I figured. Now we got to face him for 3 years… SMH still hard for me to believe we did not make him a top priority. Makes absolutely no sense.


Sickening……I mean sickening!!! That was the one school I didn’t want to see him go too. How Freeze secured him in that short amount of time makes me wonder about a lot of behind the scenes stuff. Am I pissed…yes, because know we have to face him for 3-4 years and because that terd Freeze got him.

Be prepared to hear of our fans on Twitter and their awful comments. I truly hope they won’t but unfortunately it will probably happen.

Just don’t see how their relationship transpired so fast man.

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Completely agree my friend. I am sick!


Hope he has a miserable career

If Hugh Freeze can bring his Liberty squad and beat Arkansas in it’s own back yard, then how the heck are you going to keep a QB from going to Auburn. This is NOT a coincidence and it’s our own fault…

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I think that the Kendall Briles curse will plague us for years. The most important position on a college or pro football team in my opinion is QB. Had I been in W. White’s position and been told I wasn’t good enough for him, I would have gone elsewhere too, especially if I had the NFL in view. White also had to consider his supporting cast of talent. Hands down, sadly, not Arkansas.

Why the angst? Sounds like we weren’t going to get White even if Briles had stayed. Sure sounds as though we had no chance. White made that pretty plain!

Well, we won’t face him three years. By the time he’s playing, if he beats out his competition, we’ll probably be playing Auburn every other year.

I figure White is looking at the possibly of getting to play right away at Auburn. At least that is more likely to happen at Auburn than at other two schools in his final three.

However, I would not let my kid go play for someone like Freeze. I know all Freeze did was in the past and he’s made amends for it, but it’s hard for me to forget it.

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Reading the quotes from Walker in the article, it seems that Arkansas might well have been his #1 choice if Briles would have pursued him. Not enough time for Enos to make up the ground needed.

Now let’s have us do something behind the scenes and flip him.

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There’s always a possibility he could flip if he sees something this next year. I’m hoping our offense is much improved.

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Bring him and Auburn on…

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I’ve seen virtually no one who still thinks pods are a possibility for the new SEC schedule. Except for _ally _all the other day. There’s no way to get everybody playing who wants to be playing with a pod system. You can’t maintain Bama-Auburn, Bama-Tennessee, Georgia-Auburn and Georgia-Florida every year with pods.

He’ll be back—remember the portal

It’s not like Freeze has been at Auburn very long

That’s a fair point.

I so one, will wait and see what happens.