QB updates

Kirby Smart and KJ Jefferson were asked about the status of their QBs in separate interviews on “College GameDay.” This is what they said:

Pittman: “I think we’ll find out a little more in pregame, kind of see how he’s doing. He’s practiced for the most part, limited this week.”

Smart: “It’ll all depend on how J.T. does in warmups. He’s been able to go some this week. We’re hopeful he’ll be able to go, but we’ll see in warmups.”

Daniels was grimacing when they just showed him warming up. Not sure if it’s “fake” to throw us off (Kirby is a dirty snake, learned from Satan, wouldn’t put it past him).

As for KJ, what Pittman said doesn’t sound to promising

KJ moving around fine in warm-ups. I think he’s going to play.

Stetson Bennett was announced as the starter.

Yeah I don’t understand the concern with KJ he came in last week looked full speed when he ran over that guy and got the first down.

Will take heat for this but KJ is not a championship QB…

He ain’t bad at all. I’m not saying he’s amazing but he’s been pretty good and he actually was really good today considering what was going on in front of him

Don’t recall anyone saying he was a championship QB?

He has a lot of upside. I like him.

Tough kid, but I think Hornsby has a much higher upside. He’s definitely faster…

Hornsby has to show he can complete passes down field. Faster…yes. More upside? I’m not convinced.

Agree, especially against elite defense

KJ size and morphology makes for harder, slower recovery from knee injury which is derived from multiple ACL studies. I know he is not ACL, but the similarities to recovery are influenced by his weight an build. It takes some digging and is sport specific but there are retrospective and occasional prospective studies that show a differenc in healing by body morphology. KJ will be a slow healer is my prediction. He definitely looks overweight in his face way more than when he arrived. KJ is trending towards looking like Jamarcus Russell and not Sham Newton, I hope he emulates either in college success but he does not seem to be the ideal Briles QB.

Malik doesn’t handle ball well enough yet. He just dropped it on one play. He’s got to get over that

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