QB update

We expect Chad Morris to name his starting quarterback during his noon press conference today. There are indications that it will be Cole Kelley, but that both Kelley and Ty Storey will play during the opener Saturday. It also would not surprise to see at least one of the freshmen get some playing time if the score is comfortable in the second half. The word is that both have done well lately in practice.

Matt, we know Cole has decent mobility from last year and lost weight in the off season, but how mobile is Ty? Can he get some yards when things breakdown?

I do not think he is as able to get away from the rush as Kelley. I don’t think either are going to scramble for a lot of yards. Both have 40 speeds in the 4.9 range.

Thanks, it’s obvious that a CCM offense won’t be running at maximum speed until a true dual threat QB is in charge.

I guess we aren’t going to get the Monday morning depth chart about 10:30, as with the other staff?

Cole doesn’t have to be fast to be an effective runner. He can fall forward for 3+yards and he is a load to bring down. He made plays with his feet last year.

Good posts from all!

I would say that it would work fine - without this so-called dual threat QB of which there is not a true outstanding one of on campus - if the offensive line was better, the wide receivers were better and the defense does it’s part.

Good coaches take what they have and adapt.

I still get a kick out of how people think Gus Malzahn runs this wide open passing attack. He runs an offense that is run-based.

So Cole is #1, Ty is #2, I’m guessing Noland is #3 and Jones #4, both play a few downs in four games then redshirt, only to be activated if #1 or #2 get injured.

I think Dalton Hyatt is #3.

Daulton Hyatt is a co-No. 3 with the two freshmen. He is not ahead of the freshmen from the way I understand it. I expect the two freshmen to play early this season. I don’t know about Hyatt.

But, the CCM offense in an ideal situation would have a DT QB… there will be one on campus next year.

Y i don’t like Malzahn, his passing game is high school at best. Too simple and ineffective against the best defensive teams, his own defense is the reason they win in many games. Does less with more.

I watched the highlights of three or four SMU games online a couple of weeks ago, and there were lots of different formations and a nice variety of routes on the big passing plays. One thing that surprised me was they did run quite a few drop-back passing plays. Perhaps out of necessity, I would say SMU had a more sophisticated passing game than I’ve seen in the Malzhan era at Auburn.

Gus runs what they give him.

I ageee. AU is often a lot like a HUNH triple option attack. Every few years they hit on a transfer that can throw a bit and they open up some, but not a ton.