QB thoughts to ponder...

I had a good drive to go and visit my folks today and got a good
hour of listening to the radio and everyones opinion that Starkel
by far was the better talent. He had the arm strength to throw
the deep ball that we have not seen since Mallett. They can’t
see any reason but old SMU loyalty for Hicks being chosen over
Starkel. CM is just wrong… and on and on and on…

Anyone ever consider that there may be another reason that no
one is talking about that factored into the choice of who starts?

Granted from all that have got to observe the little we have been
allowed to see, most agree Starkel has the arm strength and the
power for a deep game and we have a decent stable of WRs for
him to target. Also most agree that Hicks knows the offense better
and can get people lined up better and to the correct play based on
the defense.

Ever consider that we have an OLINE that at best is suspect when
it comes to protection. Our DLINE talent has been winning the battles
against them and I can’t remember our DLINE winning many battles
against anyone last year, so how does that speak towards the OLINE.

Perhaps CCM chose the QB that best fits to help cover up the issues
we will face with the OLINE. Perhaps we cannot play the guy that
can go deep with ease - the cannon arm - because that arm is useless
if the butt attached to it is on the ground before the WRS get deep.
Perhaps its more important to be quick, lined up right and in the correct
play for the short game because we will lack protection for much of a
deep game. If that’s the case, then from all I’ve heard/seen Hicks is
the correct choice.

I got the impression the staff would have liked to go with Starkel, but
something made them choose Hicks. Perhaps things like getting it out
quick and the short game were the deciding factor until they learn more
about the OLINE.

Food for thought.

I agree. The biggest unknown on this team is the OL. Put the best QB in for that debacle until we know what we’ve got.

I’d add one additional thought Votan. Maybe Starkel, while possible the better choice, can still be better and this decision will motivate him to maximize his potential.

Just maybe this staff is solving two problems and actually knows what the heck they are doing.

One more factor that no one is mentioning: Tempo. We didn’t spend much time with hammer down in the left lane last year. If Hicks and Starkel are about even in everything else, but Hicks runs the offense quicker, that might be what tipped the scale. CM probably wouldn’t mention that at this stage either; we’ll let them find out Saturday that we’re operating quicker, if that is indeed the case.

To me very simple— our coach wants to win and obviously chose quarterback he thinks can provide that for us—at least at this point in time— why in the world would he start a player who did not give us the best chance for victory??

I do not think Hicks struggles with the deep ball. He didn’t at SMU. Arm strength is not the factor there. It’s a factor on a deep out, not the regular old “throw it long” pass. Hicks did that well at SMU. It was a big part of his game. I’ve seen him air it out plenty deep without any trouble. Throwing it on a hard line across the field on the out is the difference. But that’s not a huge part of this offense. It’s a small part. That’s what Mallett did that was impressive, that deep seam or the out. But how much do you throw that? What’s most important is accuracy. That’s what the coaches say Hicks has, plenty of accuracy. It’s the key in the throwing game. Not a problem with Hicks, Starkel or Jones. It is with Jefferson. When he becomes accurate, look out. He’s going to sail past all of them. And, he’ll get that as he learns to hit that lead foot in the same spot as where he’s trying to throw it. Footwork gets better, accuracy gets better. FYI, it’s the same with Casey Martin playing shortstop. He slows down with his footwork and hits it right, his release will be on target and the errors go away.

Agree that K.J. has the highest ceiling of those now on campus.

Also, it’s not that I don’t appreciate Ben Hicks, but I do - from my eyes and my sources - feel like Nick Starkel has more potential in the long run and be the quarterback sooner than later.

That being said, I also think if Ben Hicks remains the starter, he and Arkansas may be in for very good things.