QB sets OV date

Malik Hornsby plans to visit Arkansas Jan 24.

ESPN profile-http://www.espn.com/college-sports/football/recruiting/player/_/id/235203/malik-hornsby


Don’t know why but I think we are going to get this guy. It would be big

Richard do we have a legit shot?

If I know RD and DD, I think either will say, “Anytime you can get a kid to campus, you have a legit shot.”

The coaches say that too.

Sure but Baylor seems to be the team to beat. Visiting them the 17th.

ok thanks…we need him,hope we can get him.

A buddy sent me an audio interview he did with him.

I was going to write a story but there just aren’t enough quotes.

He said he would decide from Arkansas, Purdue Maryland and Baylor on signing day.

I like we get the visit after them then, I got a feeling good relationship with Briles and a very good chance of immediate playing time will really give us a good chance, especially with all the talk of the head coach leaving at Baylor

Albert Breer at si.com thinks Rhule will wind up with the Giants, where he was once an assistant coach. We shall see. I would think this will be wrapped up pretty quickly, one way or the other.

I think it would help us tremendously if he leaves…

latest video,go to the 5:47 mark and watch him roll left stop and just flip the ball back to the middle 50 yds…kid is special!!,He is a Lamar jackson clone but a better arm.

Got that “It” factor

Here’s hoping. Coaches Pittman and Briles need to do a great selling job to get him away from Baylor. I think they can do it.