QB Responsibility on the O-line

How much does the QB recognizing the defense play into the performance of the offensive line and its ability to recognize and block?

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I think OL has to recognize the defense no matter what the QB does. What the QB has to do is get us in a situation where the OL can make the blocks. If we called a run to the right side and we come out and see the D is overloading our right side, no amount of recognition is going to get that play blocked.

The QB identifies the mike linebacker. After that, the center makes the call. If the QB hears it and doesn’t like it, he can reset things. The QB does have to recognize if there are blitzers coming into the box, but the protections are on the O-line at that point. The QB can reset the backs if he sees something that isn’t adding up in protections.

Thanks for the explanation. I never was sure how much it played into the grand scheme of things.