QB Play!

It’s really hard to judge C.M with this below average and border line terrible quarterback play! It’s beyond bad and has been all year long and I just want to see him with an average quarterback to be able to judge him…


He brought in two of these QBs. Starkel had moments at A&M. He’s gotten worse.

There are true freshman and less-than-good QBs winning games around the country. Or at least looking competent. Our coach is afraid put in our freshmen.

Our QBs may not be good, but this is every bit as much on the coaching staff as the players.

Just switched the TV to ND/Mich… can’t take it anymore.
The pass Starkel had was a TD … ball not even close. QB play is killing us.

My wife & I were just talking about what it might be for Morris if he had a decent QB. 5 different QB starters in 19 games is not a winning formula.

Its incredibly obvious that Joe Craddock cannot coach a QB.

For proof, look at our product on the field and the fact that Storey is actually playing well at WKU despite not being good enough to win the job in fall camp.

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Honestly can’t blame that on Craddock either and I really thinks he is way below average as an OC but those guys just don’t have it and Storey is playing in a weaker division… But we just need a QB and just one that is average at best!

I absolutely can blame it on Craddock. His job is to be the offensive coordinator and QB coach. The play of the QBs is a direct reflection on his ability to earn a paycheck.

How many times has a QB’s throw been batted down by a DLineman this season? How many times have we overthrown wide open receivers that would score?How many times has Starkel thrown into triple coverage? I like Starkel and think he has elite arm talent, but the QB coach is responsible for making sure he is comfortable with running through the play and hitting the checkdown.

I like Chad and I like his offense. There is more that goes into being an SEC Offensive Coordinator than calling plays. They have to be organized and hold their players accountable. If this offense continues to struggle with executing the playbook, especially the scripted plays, then I knew who I get to blame.

These two quarterbacks are so bad… I wouldn’t care if you had Peyton manning as the QB coach they would still be doing the same thing… Those guys are borderline horrible and I really don’t like saying that about a player… Its a reason that they were on the transfer list and lost there jobs at there former school… I really don’t care for the O.C because I think he is in over his head and this conference is to big for him but I can’t blame him for the very bad QB play… These guys are veterans and make more mistakes than a JV player getting bumped up to Varsity the day of the game…

But who would think that these guys would be that bad???

I have to wonder where this team would be if Hicks and Starkel had never come. The NCAA football landscape has a multitude of freshman QBs playing, of which some have been very successful. The fear of failure by our coaching staff to play JSJ or KJ has us now in the predicament of who to start at QB. Some of the decisions are head scratching, like subbing in Starkel after JSJ has taken over and moved the offense.

Craddock and Chad are in their 8th year together. They are joined at the hip. Craddock is executing his job exactly like Chad has told him to execute it. If you are blaming the execution of this offensive system on Craddock, you are in essence, rightfully blaming it on Chad.

Bingo - Harry Truman principle

Craddock and Morris have sat on the sideline all season and watched horrible QB play and have went back and forth stating the same 2 QB’s. At some point you have to smart enough to play the next man up! That’s what makes me so mad! JSJ and KJ deserve the chance to play.
The hogs would have been better off with Storey and Kelley this season that’s my opinion. One thing that’s for certain Kelley could get you a yard on 4th down running the ball!
The WR’s and TE’s can’t throw the ball to themselves so really we have no idea about the skill positions because of the poor QB play. On offense this has been a wasted season.

Weaker than SJS ? WPS

He did not get us many last year.

after watching the game this am, I’m really impressed with JSJ. composed, quick and smart. not a cannon of an arm, but he ran the offense very well, scored on bama’s 1st team D.

And he didn’t throw 4 picks.

He is truly a run-pass QB-not going to break off a 40 yard run, but very effective freezing bama’s players enough to repeatedly get us yards.

I’ve seen enough of starkel this year. he has a great arm, but right now he’s just not playing well at all. needs to get this figured out before he sees the field again.


Arkansas should in now way have lost to San Jose State, but SJS is better than I thought they were and now are 4-4

Craddock is in the box, not on the sideline. Probably makes no difference to the post. Just added this as a clarification.

We need to play Jefferson and Jones these last 4 games to see what they can do, and to give them a chance to show what they can do. I am concerned this may not happen because Coach Morris and his staff may be coaching for their jobs, and they may think Starkel or Hicks gives them the best chance to win. These games should be close games, excluding the LSU game, so there is not going to be a lot of room for a 2nd guy to come in and play, I don’t believe.

It is possible that by beating either Mississippi State or Missouri and Western Kentucky, the coach and most of the staff could be retained. So, who gives you the best opportunity to win? Jones or Jefferson? If either of those 2 is the best choice…then why weren’t they playing all season? These last 4 games should be interesting, if not entertaining.

Problem this staff has no clue who to play at QB. Hicks and Starkel have worse stats than the QB’s we had last year, now that should tell you something! JSJ played pretty well against Alabama and even Saban admitted they were confused on defense when he was out there! So who do we start this week and I called after Alabama well Hicks of course, that makes such good sense ! This whole staff for the most part is a joke! You wonder why fans like myself are wanting a change after 2 years we have seen enough!

I believe if they had been the best choices they would have been playing all along.