QB play........ what do we do this next week.

Both of our QB’s have big flaws. Ty doesn’t have the accuracy needed, and Cole just isn’t mobile enough. Do you stick with one and try to work on their weaknesses or is it time to add 1 of the freshman into the mix?

I don’t think you can have 4 guys duking it out in practice trying to become the man.

So do you think CCM will add either JSJ or CN into the mix this week?

I think CK has more flaws than just mobility. In my opinion he does not have as good control of the offense as Ty and he holds onto the football too long.

Play real football with our QB in the left lane.

Play real football with our QB in the left lane.

They want to snap the ball at about 27 seconds
Watch Cole , we sometimes snap it between 10-17 seconds -/ that is not a hurry up

I thought Cole played much better than Ty last night. This was just the opposite of game 1.

If these first two games don’t prompt Coach Morris to do something different…I would be surprised.

He did do better tonight, but nothing to make me think he is the starter. Take away that jet sweep “pass td” and his numbers are not exactly mind blowing. I think CCM needs to choose a qb, develop the play calls to his strengths, and stick with him. Playing flip flop each half is not going to lead to a successful campaign IMO.

Somebody needs to win the job, not be handed it and get an extended tryout.

My guess is Daulton Hyatt gets a few more snaps in practice this week and the one that practices the best one starts and all 3 play unless someone gets a hot hand.

Hope by all three you mean Hyatt, Jones, and Noland.

Beating a dead horse but John Stephen needs to start now. It’s time. He won’t be intimidated by anything. It’ll happen soon I think. Morris knows what he has with JSJ. He may not be perfect but he has some real wizardry to his game. Y’all will like him.

He can’t be worse… lets’s go!!

I sure hope so but this pulling one and the other isn’t going to make either QB overcome their limitations. The Oline needs a mobile QB in the pocket and the only relatively mobile QB’s are Hyatt, Noland and Jones. Let’s start Storey and work in the Trio of freshmen. Kelley is too predictable and limited in this offense.

Neither Storey or Kelley can make the improvement we need to win this year. CCM stayed with Cole way too long last night so our offense DIED in the 4th quarter. After his 2 TD passes, CSU turned up the pressure on him and it exposed his lack of escape, inept decision making and slow decisions/reads. This was Ty’s first start ever at Ark. Ty’s accuracy issues showed up, but his run threat kept them from pressuring consistently. Cole has started 3 or 4 SEC games last year and the first one this year, but still hasn’t progressed to firmly take the job during camp. Cole is so slow in his process, doesn’t go through his progressions, and is too slow to get away from a rush.

Kelley and Storey have both been around long enough to have proven their abilities. Count me in the group that thinks neither is capable of running this offense and impair it’s ability to go full speed. Both were inhibitors to putting CSU away last night. Not bashing them, would have loved to see one of them make the offense flourish but I don’t know why CCM would not go to one of the freshmen in the next game.


Last night’s debacle should make it clear that neither Storey nor Kelly have the skills to be a SEC quarterback. The coaching staff thinks that Hyatt is not any better than Storey-Kelly. That leaves the true freshmen. Start one and let him play until the offense stalls. Then play the other one. Let them play the next game. They might be good enough to lead us to a few upset wins. Storey or Kelly doom us to failure. WPS

I agree neither Ty or Cole are the answer and I am ready for a change. We are not going to a bowl this year anyway after this loss so prepare for the future. But I also feel like the play calling was not good at all and did not utilize the strengths of the QB’s in the game. Cole running East and west behind the line is asking for disaster.
I definitely feel that not going for it with fourth and inches was THE deciding factor. Bad, bad call. Lost all the Mo.

Cole and Ty ran the RPO that is options/decisions to hand off, run or pass. Cole was running East or West away from the pass rush when he took the pass option or when there were passing plays.

Now we can see how much difference Austin Allen made for this offensive talent. He made them better with his quick reads, progressions, accuracy, and too good at waiting for our weak WRs to get past the 5 yds of abuse to get open. The Offense Scheme change is dramatic from one end of the spectrum to the other. The talent at QB, WR and Oline is not up to any offense’s standards. The QBs were not superstars in the system they were recruited and coached in for 2-3 years, so it is not shocking to see they are not good in this one.

The WRs have not been physical enough to win the first 5 yards of press coverage for 2 years and this year is no different. Pettway is one of our few that is an SEC level WR that could compete on the roster other SECW schools. Harrell is the new big tough grad transfer that has already shown the ability to get open quickly. Jordan Jones is fast but he is too weak to fight through SEC press coverage to get QUICK separation. Jordan and many of our smallish WRs are good against a zone but we won’t see much of that in SEC play.

I think CCM needs to consider using the WILDCAT a lot, but that is probably not doable if you don’t have a RB that can pass enough to be a threat.

Qb can only be as good as his Oline and receivers, we have a revolving door with our offense due to talent,injuries and inexperience. We will get better and that’s all we can expect right now, throwing these guys under the bus is ludicrous. Two games into a season with a new coaching staff and we are running down our players and coaches, unless someone has saw CCM walking on water we might want to lower our expectations. WPS