QB play a closely guarded secret

were there any hints as to which QB had the better day?

– “No leader (at quarterback) right now.” Ty Storey started out the scrimmage with the 1s. Both of the quarterbacks did some good things. He wanted to see some calmness and them being the same guy each day.

Noland, Jones and Hyatt were live and able to be hit. Kelley, Storey and Lindsey were not.

http://www.wholehogsports.com/news/2018 … first-fal/

Interesting that Lindsey was on the do not hit list. Do you sense that situations could develop that Jack would be the #3 guy this season?

I guess there is always a possibility, but I wouldn’t think it to be a probability.

He has more action on tape than Hyatt so I’m sure that was the reason.

I heard Joe Craddock give some very rough estimates on Ty and Cole’s passing stats. Believe he said Kelley was around 13-for-26 with 4-5 drops in there while Storey was 8-for-12 or 9-for-12 with an interception. Craddock said one of them – he couldn’t remember who – hit Mike Woods for a big play, and one of them missed La’Michael Pettway on a deep ball.

Lindsey is the holder for pats and fgs. Don’t want to get that guy hurt.

That needs to get fixed real quick. The receivers need to make the catches in this offense, if only to give our D a little rest.

I think this answers the secret.