QB next year?

Starkel now leaving? I know there were rumors, but has it been confirmed that JSJ is transferring? If true, where are we at QB? KJ , Lindsey, and a freshman? Awful thin if you ask me.

JSJ isn’t in the portal. Internet guano.

IMO, CSP has probably put some feelers out surrounding the QB situation.
I’m sure he knows that the team can’t go into next season without some clarity at this position.
KJ will hopefully develop quickly once we get the OC hired an offensive philosophy installed because he’s really the only one currently on the roster that is possibly SEC caliber talent.
The two legacy QBs can’t cut it at this level.

Has Criswell confirmed he will sign with NC? I would think Starkel’s departure might make him reconsider.

Managing quarterbacks is so different now than it used to be. There was a time when there was a progression to it; a true freshman came in, learned for a couple of seasons, and then was ready to be the starter as a junior. If we sign a quarterback in this class, we may well go into next fall with a redshirt freshman and a true freshman as 1-2.

I don’t think Starkel’s departure will have anything to do with Criswell flipping or not.

It’s really the program that wanted him against the one that didn’t although those faces at Arkansas have changed.

If he is indeed signing early, which he is telling North Carolina, then it is likely to be the Tar Heels.

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K J ! My guess, but with the portal you never know especially if CSP gets some late O-lineman signed, either way our Oline makes improvements that will help whom evert is QB. WPS

Since he arrived CSP has been saying he prefers the rpo. It seems KJ fits that description to a T.

After some thought, I really don’t want a grad transfer QB coming in next year and jeopardizing KJ’s progression. This is especially true if we can’t find a good QB for this 2020 class. Even someone like Deriq King, who is a huge talent, will not help us in the long run. Next year is going to be a wash. We are going to get better no matter what, but no one is going to expect us to get to a bowl game. Take the lumps with KJ now so he is ready for 2021. KJ is our ride or die.

You have to try and over-recruit what you have on campus - be it QB or any other position.

You can’t remain status quo and expect to improve.

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D’eriq King isn’t in the portal, yet. But if he were, we’d be crazy not to take him. This program needs to learn how to win again, and if KJ sits for another year behind King and we win 5 or 6 instead of 3 or 4, that’s huge. KJ would still have three years as Da Man.

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where does King play now?

UHouston. He started the first four games at Cougar High, they went 1-3 in those four, and he then decided to redshirt. He has not entered the portal, by the way, but would be a grad transfer if he did.

He also graduated this month, so he would be able to participate in spring camp.

You are correct Swine…he would be an immediate help! In addition, this could be a very real possibility if his former coach ends up as our OC!

Interesting concept; bring in a coach and a quarterback. Has Arkansas ever tried that before? Hum…

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Not that I am aware of.

Malzahn… Mustain???

Morris…Hicks :crazy_face:

Sad but true