QB musings

No one wants a freshman QB playing a ton at Auburn or against Bama, especially not with our OL and our receivers. Just no way that wouldn’t scar a young kid. Ask the Allen brothers.

I bet we’ll stick primarily with the current 2 through the upcoming gauntlet, and unless one of them really improves and leads this team, we’ll see Connor after that 3 game stretch. we’ll be 2-4 or 1-5 at that point, ready to make a final desperate push to get to 6-6 and realistically getting ready for next season.

That’s when I’d look to see one of the frosh at QB.

Just my .02


I would agree with that.

It worked out ok for Brandon Allen. Three year starter and now NFLer

Brandon Allen was a redshirt freshman when he started against Alabama in 2012. He turned out fine and set multiple passing records and is high on the list for several more. Cole Kelley started against Alabama as a redshirt freshman last season and it hasn’t seemed to hurt his confidence.

Austin Allen did not start or play against Alabama until he was a redshirt junior.

If the two quarterbacks that are getting playing time don’t start producing this week, I think there is a chance that others will start getting an opportunity to get into games soon. I don’t think coaches view playing time from the perspective of a player getting “scarred,” but instead have the perspective of who is going to give the team the best chance to score points.

Brandon Allen did turn out OK, but I also remember he was a deer in the headlights against Alabama (a shortcoming for which Fred has never forgiven the entire family). That 52-0 experience could have ruined him. Fortunately for him, and us, he was strong enough to overcome that and become an NFL quarterback (he made the Rams’ final roster).

I hope you’re right Matt - that’s how they should be looking at it IMO.

Generally speaking, I don’t think you get to SEC D1 level if you are a snowflake.

at Arkansas snowflakes get to play all the time.Re the Allen boys,Casey Dick,etc.Give the freshman a shot and see where we are.

Brandon Allen led the SEC in passing his SR year.

Yeah, that Brandon was such a snowflake that he only landed in the NFL. You should be such a snowflake.

Perhaps the most under appreciated and unfairly maligned UA QB ever. Kid was tough as nails, a leader, and dang good player.

You may be right. Would have liked to have seen Austin play behind the line Brandon had. Seems he had the same kind of moxxy, but he was so beat up that I’m not sure we saw the best of him.