QB Lucas Coley sets new date to announce

said he’ll probably push his announcement date back. He was to announce on Tuesday.

ESPN profile-http://www.espn.com/college-sports/football/recruiting/player/_/id/242065/lucas-coley

I think one has to assume this is because the staff is still wanting Salter and aren’t going to quit until he commits to Tennessee in a week. Hopefully they can change his mind if that’s the case, I really like Salter

I think it’s him wanting to take more time before he picks a school. He did say probably push back his announcement so he might go ahead and announce Tuesday.

I hope he’s expecting some other offers then, it’s a knock on KB and the staff if they can’t convince him to go to UofA over a bunch of G5 schools

I will be pushing back my commitment date to ensure I weigh my options and make the best decision for myself, as well as my family. #LC7


Here’s why he back off his commitment date…

Must be nice to have the ability to essentially say, “hey, we’ve missed out on several qbs, and we’re waiting on a few others, don’t commit yet and we may offer” and the player does it.
If I was him, that’s how I would see that situation. It would be hard for me to feel like they really wanted me, and didn’t just run out of options.

I get what you’re saying but it ain’t easy cutting off the girl of your dreams if she says “I’m seeing someone right now but if it doesn’t work out…”

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lol I guess that’s true

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Not to delve into your slumberland, 51, but every girl whose shown up in one of my dreams has wanted me. :smirk:



VT offers.

Lol! I’ve just been educated. I saw “Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University” and immediately said to myself “I guess he isn’t a high major talent.”
Had no idea that was VA Tech.

“Hokie hokie hokie hi, Tech Tech VPI”.

One of their cheers, some time after Enter Sandman plays.

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He added Illinois today.

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He will announce on Thursday.