QB John Stephen Jones now has Arkansas offer.... (story added)

to be a blueshirt in this upcoming class.

Jones, the son of the Dallas Cowboys VP Stephen Jones and grandson of Cowboys owner Jerry Jones, also has one from Texas Tech

He and his Highland Park team are two wins away from winning back-to-back championships.

Plans to take an official visit down the line

Story here: http://www.wholehogsports.com/news/2017 … hen-jones/

What do you think of Jones prospects to be an SEC QB?

Obviously great track record at Highland Park but size has got to be a concern (I read 5 10 175 lbs but I would guess that might be exaggerated a bit)

After reading his comments in the article, this is perfect. He’s a Hog Fan and he gets to play as a legacy. Give him the chance to show what he can do and you never know what could happen.

Very smart move to offer him, I wouldn’t care if he the kid couldn’t play at all.( which he does have some skill) You offer him, because of what jerry and his family have done for the university and what he will do for the university…

Why take up a valuable scholarship? They can afford the tuition smh

Highland Park has quite a history of QBs. Matthew Stafford of the Lions. Bobby Layne of the Lions 70 years ago. Lance McIlhenny, who ran the Pony Express offense when SMU had the best team slush funds could buy (and was 5-foot-8). And another guy who didn’t play QB but has a really good arm, Clayton Kershaw (who was actually Stafford’s center at HPHS).

Ok, what if you piss off the money that is coming in and its not worth it, but the kid does have some skill, I have seen him play, he just very undersize…# Its about more than football…